Mt Vic Chippery

It was one of those rare and beautiful evenings in Wellington, where the wind stopped being the bain of your existence for over 5 minutes, and the last of summer’s sun managed to draw out even the pastiest of Wellingtonians. As a newcomer to the city, I decided it was an evening that needed to be done some justice with an indulgent yet affordable traditional kiwi dinner. Enter Mt Vic Chippery.


Located at the top of Majoribanks St, in walking distance from Oriental Parade, Mt Vic Chippery is one of the two establishments set up in Wellington central under 'The Chippery' branding (the other being the Thordon Chippery). Whilst it is largely designed to be a takeaway stop, there is also the option to eat in, perhaps atop one of the few wooden communal tables available. The unique exterior sees it noticeably stand out from neighboring shops; the antiquated corrugated iron style of the building transports you back a few decades.



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The menu is clearly displayed on large chalkboards as you walk in, swimming with an array of different meals to suit an array of different dietary needs. Many who have long ago said goodbye to battered or crumbed fish will be happy to discover the option of gluten free batter on the menu. If fish isn't really your catch, there are also a range of delicious burgers and other options. The Vegan burger is spoken highly of, as well as many of the light bite options like the Marlborough oysters (if you're feeling a little bit fancy). The Chippery also specializes in (you guessed it) chips! With a choice of either crinkle cut, curly, handcut agria or kumara fries, Mt Vic Chippery really covers all its bases.


You will also find that the food is not overly greasy, and is served in recycled cardboard. Unlike many fish and chip shops these days where the chips can be soggy, oil laden, and the fish mostly resembling a lump of greasy batter, Mt Vic Chippey is definitely a fresher and lighter approach to what is a traditionally heavy and often starchy meal.


All in all, the Chippery definitely lives up to its reputation and is probably the closest thing to gourmet fast food you can get on a student budget. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming but be warned that there can sometimes be quite a queue. With the bountiful range of fresh fish and also non-seafood options on the menu, Mt Vic Chippery certainly proves that it is far more that just a chip off the old block.

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