Music Talks: Soltree

Solomon Bagley wrote his first song at the age of four, evidently pop-inspired, and composed of a melody of  "na na na's."


Born on Waiheke Island, he recounts growing up surrounded by music. At seven, he was whisked to Australia's Uluru, where his father worked as a tour guide. He made his first endeavour into commercial music by singing on the tour bus (skipping school in the process), afterwards, a young gentleman holding the door open for tourists, quietly expecting a tip.



At 16, one of his teachers, who Solomon dubs as 'inspirational', gave him an insight into real song structure. Here, he began taking music seriously. By 18, he was experimenting sonically, with involvement in numerous bands, until finding his shtick with British pop-punk.


Then, in 2012, whilst studying Audio Engineering, Solomon learnt how to produce - and immediately fell in love with R&B and Trip Hop.




Soltree is a culmination of all of these things, a moniker Solomon's been using for three months to release his #chillwave #feels beats to an adoring, growing audience on Soundcloud.


Inspiration is gathered from everyday life. The trademark fuzzy lyrics, for those who can decipher them, "are either a reflection, or an observation."


As for the future? We'll keep you posted.


Catch his latest tune, with artwork from Sam Dean, above. Below, everything else he's so far released for public consumption. Welcome to your new favourite playlist.



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