Mzwètwo's 'God Said' : : Fresh Tracks

A black sheep against the traditionally, notoriously regional backdrop that is hip hop, Mzwètwo's flavour is not so defined. His music induces a strong unity among its listeners, shunning the trend of being pinned down and limited by its origins. A nomad originating from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe by way of Auckland, New Zealand, it's a worldliness in lyricism, beat, and aesthetic that resonates.



He's just dropped the visuals to 'God Said' (watch above), a follow up to the audio released only a month ago. The track itself adopts a fast-paced angst, providing a backdrop of beats upon which Mzwètwo can do what he does best: litter a barrage of beautifully eloquent, self-aware, and colloquial bars at break neck speed. The accompanying video's aesthetics echo this visceral, impulsive quality - an idea juxtaposed neatly with the obvious level of production in its tight execution.



In case you slept on it (are you living under a rock?), the video for 'God Said' parallels the story manifested in the video for 'You Got It'. Catch that video below.



An insider's let us know to expect to see more from Mzwètwo in the coming months. We're chomping at the bit for a sophomore album from the kaleidoscopic hip-hop-meets-rock-n-roll artist.

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