NBA Finals : : All you need to know


1230 regular season games, 3 playoff rounds, 2 biblical nut kicks, more three's scored than anyone can count, and one unanimous MVP, yet we wind up yet again with the same teams in the NBA Finals as last year. The match up of all match ups. Here is a quick guide so you can hold a conversation with any NBA fan during this exciting time.


Lebron James is in his 6th straight finals series

He's arguably the best player on the planet. Although not the MVP, he quotes "there is a difference between most valuable player and best player". Yeah, you can tell he was salty about not winning that award. However there aren't many players in the world to have featured in 6 straight finals series, let alone lead their team to that many finals appearances (apart from James Jones but no-one really knows who he is).

Things to note are that Lebron will be expected to take more shots in this series, and even if he doesn't win (which will take his record to 2-5 in Finals series'), he should still be respected for being a part of each finals series across two different teams.


The Splash Brothers are back on form

Except for last night, they linked up for only 20 points which is their lowest combined scoring total since 2014. Steph had a bit of a rough spot in the first four games against OKC in the Western Conference finals, and is not back to his old 'Steph' self. Klay Thompson also broke the record for the most three pointers in a playoffs game. Fun fact to know.


This is the second straight season with a rookie head coach

Last year was Steve Kerr's first year as head coach. This year, Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue is in his rookie year also. This has never happened before, and will unlikely happen again.


Golden State are the favourites

There will be a lot of racket about this series being a 'must win' for Lebron James and the Cavs, or else he might move on to brighter pastures (back to Miami). Cleveland faithful will be getting out the Lebron James mannequins to burn yet again if this is the case. However, Golden State are hands down the favourites to win. They overturned a 3-1 deficit against the Thunder and have been through the biggest challenges on the road to this years finals - wheres the Cavaliers didn't lose a game in the playoffs until they came up against a weakened Raptors team in the Eastern Conference finals. Expect pundits to predict a strong showing from Lebron but I am under no illusion that he is going to get another ring in 2016.


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