How to cap off Negroni Week like you know what you're doing

Ah, the Negroni. What a beautiful celebration of a drink, in fine form. Always classy, perfect for any occasion. If you could embody the qualities of a gentleman in the form of a simple cocktail, it would be the Negroni. Not because of its clearly masculine pink appearance (this is 2016, fellas), but because of its elegant, simple preparation (which is so easy to biblically f*ck up), and, of course, its cheeky bite. This isn’t just a drink; this is the time of your short freakin’ life.


This week we’ve celebrated the humble Negroni throughout its namesake Negroni week. Bars scattered around the city (and around the world) are raising their little pink glasses to whichever charity they choose – carefully donating funds from each Negroni purchased. Whether Mea Culpa or Fukuko or Bedford, you will find donations raised from drinking this tipple going towards a good cause.


So, join us, in this throwback circa 2014, to when we fell in love with the Negroni, traditional or altered. We mix up the East India, and classic Negroni for your rainy Saturday dash of class.


The Rogue Negroni


  • One Part Rogue Society Gin
  • One part Campari
  • One part Antica Formula



  1. Add all ingredients to a mixing glass
  2. Add ice to mixing glass and stir
  3. Chill a rocks glass in preparation
  4. Continue to stir - the longer you stir, the stiffer the drink
  5. Empty your prepared rocks glass, and add one single large cube of ice
  6. Strain drink over said cube
  7. Garnish with an orange peel


East India Negroni


  • 60ml Stolen White Rum
  • 20ml Campari
  • 20ml East Indian Sherry


Method: As above


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