New on the scene: Fortieth and Hurstmere

Take Ponsonby central, ship the brickwork over the bridge, and pop it down at number 40 Hurstmere Road: you’ve got Fortieth and Hurstmere (actually, in a unique move, the brickwork is upcycled rubble from Christchurch). This place is the trendy hotspot Takapuna has been yearning for, yet by importing Ponsonby’s success story eateries, one cannot resist to draw comparison.

Launching Thursday last week, the ‘eatery and market lane’ invited many through their doors to feast on the talent on offer. With Peroni flowing, pizzas and bruschetta from the talented group at Dante’s Pizzeria, sliders and coleslaw from poultry specialists Bird on a Wire, and Bombay Sapphire Gin’s elderflower cocktails pumping across the bar to wash it all down with, everyone was kept pretty well entertained (and sated).


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The food was a little bit of alright. Bird on a Wire’s sliders combined spice and shredded chicken, packed within soft slider buns that left you wanting more – along with a strongly seasoned coleslaw doused with mayonnaise, you definitely got a hearty feed. Dantes pizza needs no introduction, often considered the best pizza in Auckland for its tantalizingly soft pizza base dough, they also take residence along the cobbled alleyway.


Nestled among the shops on Hurstmere Road, this new tenant will become famous for its atmosphere. Its aesthetic of brick walls, light wooden benches and soft features render it contemporary, and hopefully timeless. I’m a big fan of bringing brickwork up from Christchurch, honouring heritage and reflecting a pride that often emanates from the Takapuna community. With all that in mind, I’m sure Fortieth and Hurstmere will find itself right at home among its new neighbors - as long as it keeps the noise down.

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