Orange Caprioska : : Mixology

This classic summer bevvy comes from the tropical citrus tipple family. The Caprioska, harking from the sugar plantations of Brazil, is an adaptation of caipirinha - using Brazilian sugarcane rum.

The Caprioska takes vodka - good vodka.

As we have done the Caprioska before, we tried for something a little different, using orange slices and bitters for a sweeter type of drink.

Best enjoyed on the weekend, preferably in the sun, and not on its lonesome.


 - Vodka
 - Orange bitters
 - Sugar
 - Orange

 - Muddle limes
 - Add bitters and sugar syrup
 - Add ice and vodka
 - Stir until drink is entirely mixed
 - Garnish with an orange slice

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