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Whether you've been to Orleans for the food, or the drink, if on a date, or if you stumbled nearby after a visit to the neighbouring Racket Bar at three o'clock in the morning - theres no doubt you would've loved the place. Orleans takes the heart of southern America, the soul of New Orleans, the Jazz capital of the world, along with its Southern American Gumbo style food, large flavours and southern spices, and makes them approachable and comforting.

This menu is no different.

The first revamp of the menu since its inauguration not too long ago.




Orleans have listened to their punters, who had mixed views, but the consensus was less sharing, bigger meats, and heartier feeds, but they throw in a splash of elegance for good measure. So, they reduced the share plate focus, meaning you can either share, or have your own dishes, with serving sizes made to suit that philosophy.


So after tasting the menu, we decided they nailed this to a tee. You can choose from three sections: one a selection of $38 dishes, the likes of monster t-bone steaks, whole Blue Swimmer Crab, a kilo of ribs, or maybe a whole Jerk Chicken. These are big dishes, and they call them the Headliners. Not for the faint hearted, you have to slice up the t-bone yourself, and pull apart the crab yourself. Full flavours, no disappointment there.


The second menu is the soulful classics, this is where the stalwarts of the menu remain. Our beloved Chicken and Waffle stays, the Pulled Pork Po Boy stays, then you get a fee things like caesar salads, black prawns, steak burgers, or chicken wings (which are a must try). these can almost be had as main meals, maybe with something from the third menu, which they call the supporting acts.


These supporting acts include potato skins, curly fries, slaw, green beans, that kind of thing. Smaller sides to throw in if you need your greens, or if you don't think it will quit be enough.


The chicken wings are a must have, same with the Chicken & Waffle, same with the crab. Don't forget about their desserts either - maybe throw in a cocktail or an alcoholic milkshake, too. I would recommend the pecan pie, match it up with an Absolute Vanilla vodka strawberry milkshake which are so good they can't even put them on their website.


10/10 would recommend, the big American flavours really spice up the meal, the ultimate comfort food with a touch of elegance.



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