Out & About : : Eight Thirty High Street

The secret's out, Eight Thirty’s Glenn Bell has given Aucklanders what they want: a fourth flagship from which they can get their daily brew. In true High Street fashion, Eight Thirty is well and truly tucked away; it's the kind of place that is you don't just happen to stumble upon. Often only occupied by a couple of other patrons seeking a little caffeinated refuge from the buzzing City District, this new flagship is located down a short aisle. From the street, all you'll see is the little pink wall decal letting you know it's there.




Cranking that custom-made white La Marzocco, the High Street crew know their coffee like true connoisseurs, serving it up top-notch every time. Eight Thirty continue their partnerships with Cool Food and Catroux to keep the cabinets stocked daily with fresh salads, sandwiches and sweet treats that just beg to be the sidekick to your flat white.


The large glass windows flood the room with natural light, and lofty ceilings manage to turn this 1920’s shoebox into a spacious yet secluded little gem. Their clean white and grey space is given a kooky kick with bold salmon and white marbled wall installations by artist Yolunda Hickman.


So take a beat from the city life and treat yo’ self at Eight Thirty High Street.









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