LarzRanda : : Overtones

Arriving fully formed in 2012, LarzRanda - equipped with an esoteric pop-culture vernacular - took the Auckland hip-hop scene by force. The combination of contemporary beets layered with dream-like nostalgia infused lyricism sparked a chord across New Zealand and it wasn’t long before Randa found a nationwide following.



Around the same time, the directing duo Thunderlips (Jordan Dodson & Sean Wallace) were beginning to gain their own kind of attention with a slew of highly original and critically acclaimed short films and music videos.


With a pairing almost investable, it wasn’t long before their first collaboration came into play. In 2013 the music video ‘Orange Juice’ was released; a modest start to what has become a fruitful partnership. Thunderlips and LarzRanda have since then seemingly upped the anti with almost every subsequent release. Frankenstein, the critically adored followup set a precedent for the highly polished music videos to come.


Arriving in 2015 and their fourth collaboration deep, ‘Lifeguard’ could be their best video yet. Riffing from 90s romanticism with an aim to show off the dark-side of our favourite childhood plots, ‘Lifeguard’ is both funny and disturbing; showcasing the tongue-in-cheek nature of throwback culture.


Interview by Ryan Lindborg

Directed by Tom Dyton

Shot by Alice Fitzgerald & Nahyeon Lee

Edited by Alice Fitzgerald & Tom Dyton

Produced by Chlöe Swarbrick

Thanks to Tyler Street Garage


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