Barney Toy's Pan Am : : Mixology with Fukuko

Last year, Barney Toy of Cassia restaurant made the trip to Sydney for the world Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition – and his Pan Am cocktail came in an impressive tied runner-up, officially becoming one of the best new Bacardi cocktails in the entire bartending world. In short – this man is a genius.


Stylized in lieu of the luxury Pan American Airlines experience of the early 20s and 30s – the Pan Am takes a classic spin on what Barney has crafted into a modern day miracle.



I don’t think any words I write could possibly justify the brilliance with which this drink will grace your taste buds. The only thing stopping this drink from being a classic is time, and I am certain that time will bless the Pan Am with more than just popularity. It is bound to be known as a staple on all cocktail lists, and will never feel out of place, tha'ts for sure.

This fantastic creation is oh-so suitable as we find ourselves making our way into the summer months, and the sun seems to be finally turning up to the party. You will never welcome our large yellow friend more than when you have an irreplaceable Pan Am in your hands (and please, sun block people).



- 45ml Bacardi Superior White Rum

- 15ml Aperol

- 15ml Orgeat Syrup

- 30ml Lemon Juice

- 15ml Egg White

- Peychaud Bitters



- Add Bacardi, Aperol, Orgeat Syrup, Lemon Juice, and Egg White

- Dry shake to mix egg whites

- Then, hard shake with ice

- Double strain into a chilled champagne flute

- Spray with bitters to “garnish”


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