Rogue Society Black Forest : : Cocktail of the Week

Now, you wouldn’t often sit down and think, "Guys, great idea, lets mix orange, berries, coffee, and gin."



Rogue Society were those people who sat down and thought it; ballsy enough to drink the drinks we wouldn’t even think of. Why not?


Whilst the Espresso Martini is a seasonable favourite, vodka's typically found therein. Coincidentally, there is an incredible trend over in the UK right now, as we speak, where coffee houses are whipping up coffee, gin, and tonic, as the perfect cure to the less than perfect hangover. So, maybe the guys at Rogue are simply ahead of their time.


We take Chemex brew coffee, chilled, and at a 30ml serve, mixed amongst Goldi Locks small batch Rogue Society (which is stunningly crisp in its own right) – matched with the sweet citrus notes of Cointreau, and garnished with the texture of the jam, the Black Forest cocktail really does taste how it sounds. Not like the chocolate, expect a flavour sensation with a little goldilocks bite to it.


Best enjoyed with a good book, or as an after dinner treat. If you’ve got the shaker at home, this one is easy, and you will more than likely have the ingredients already on hand. If you’re stumped for coffee, you can get your hands on Kokako Cold Brew at any good supermarket.



- 30ml Rogue Society Goldi Locks Gin

- 30ml Cold Drip Coffee

- 15ml Cointreau

- 1 tsp Rasberry Jam



- Add all ingredients to cocktail shaker

- Shake extremely hard with ice

- Double Strain into stemless wine glass (no ice)

- Garnish with frozen or fresh berries

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