Seen : : Ciaran McMeekan Live

If you're hailing from the deep south in a  small town, being the only good singer growing up, you would start your show with big energy and an enthusiastic "How you doing Auckland?!" too. There was very little pretence to the opening, booming into the dark space with intent lighting and an energetic Light It Up. From the go it's fun, exciting, not hugely different, but purely talented.

The tuning Fork is a funny little place, the little cousin to Spark Arena, and, much like presidential inaugurations and your friends big European holiday, is very different to what your Instagram feed tells you. As much bar as venue, the Tuning Fork is actually quite a cute little gig venue custom built for smaller acts and local dreams, the walls decorated with all the large scale concert posters to make you feel both intimidated and proud to find yourself in this local hub for promoting young talent.

Filling the space can be difficult, and I don't mean bums in seats because there aren't many, I mean with noise. Its a long venue, and you really have to have a good presence to get amongst. Ciaran did this with a fun, poppy, head bopping, excitement, because going into it you could expect a slow romantic show, but this was anything but.

Throwing in some of his favourite tracks with a four person ensemble, drums, bass, lead guitar, with Ciaran on rhythm guitar, you flow through a couple of covers and some slower tunes like Spanish Steps, you get the impression that there is an undertone of fun in his songwriting, but also loves his slow vibe. He's also not limited to his new album, playing crowd favourites like City and Boy, and Hallelujah.

It was a short show, with a very quick Encore, so for one of his first big tours I don't think you could've expected the greatest and longest set. But it was a lot of fun. There is very little holding this guy back who oozes vocal talent and stage presence, his stage pillow talk needs a bit of work but thats to be expected for up and coming artists, theres a very real singer songwriter authenticity and human vibe to it. This is someone you should definitely keep an eye out for, I was very pleasantly surprised, music to get amongst.

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