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They took out the top spot on the first day of NZ Music Month, hitting #1 on the New Zealand iTunes Electronic charts with their debut single from their forthcoming EP - as well as having released some amazing remixes with Skrillex's team, they've been given the the thumbs up on NEST HQ.


What's Good talks to Hamilton raised, Auckland based producer and DJ duo Stack & Piece.



What's Good: We first talked to you guys almost two years ago, back when you were releasing twerk and trap bootlegs. Your songs seem to have taken a slightly different direction, and it's obviously worked. I heard the new song (Burning out) is getting radio play throughout Australasia. What's been going on?


Scott (Piece) Tindale: So much has happened since the last time we talked. I guess we kind of got over that aggressive sound we used to make.... I still love Dubstep though.


Jack Stack: I think it's been a good change as well, Burning Out is being played all over the place, which is largely thanks to Helen Corry's vocals, but we would never have had the exposure if we’d carried on with the older sound. Evolving with the times is important. I don't want to be one of those old DJs who just sit around lamenting the good ol' days, and complaining about the new generation of acts.


Piece: I can't wait for that. That's why we do this.



What's Good: Burning Out hit number one on the NZ charts, was that at all expected?


Stack: Not at all. We’d hoped to get in the Top 10. As in, we really, really hoped, but didn't expect such a good response. Daniel Farley, one of the co-founders of Medium Rare Recordings - the label we're signed to - actually messaged us at 6am on the Monday morning with a screenshot of the charts. It was a pretty awesome thing to wake up to. I was ecstatic.


What's Good: Piece, how'd you react?


Piece: It was 6am on a Monday and I had, like, sixteen calls from Jack. I just told him to stop calling, and we'd sort it out when I woke up properly.


Nah, it was really cool. Probably the best start to the week I've ever had. It helped me get over my hangover. One of the coolest things to have happened though in regards to Burning Out was when Medium Rare Records met with the radio station Triple J in Australia. They went in to submit the song to the station, and the guy they met with was, like, 'Um, just so you know, the DJs have already been playing this.'


What's Good: That's always a nice thing to hear. Now that the single is out, what's next for Stack & Piece?


Piece: We’re really pushing Burning Out and the remixes at the moment. We’ve had so much support for the track, we're a little blown away. On top of the remixes by Command Q, who recently put out a song on Diplo's Mad Decent label, and the Wildfire one. There's a whole remix package still to come with a few really cool acts - but we're keeping that under wraps at the moment. Plus we've got the rest of the EP still to come!


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