State of the Union: Broke with expensive taste

I was going to school y'all in some wacky new trends this week, but I'm in Christchurch with no WiFi and I'm writing this on my phone so you're out of luck. I'll push that back a week and instead offer you a self-indulgent piece on what I've been up to, clothing-wise, in Canterbury.

I don't think anyone would consider Christchurch a fashion capital of anything - yet, in this veritable shopping mecca I have somehow managed to do a lot of thrifting. And while I'm tempted to make a Macklemore joke, I just can't quite bring myself to stoop that low. So I guess I'll just launch right into it:

THRIFTING FOR DUMMIES: Scout different places for the best prices. This may sound pretty fucking obvious, but I'm pretty sure I got sucked into buying a $40 scarf on K Road when I was 14 simply because I didn't know where to source my second-hand goods. A good op shop will price their clothes between $1-20 with the exception of 'designer' or high quality items. I consider myself somewhat of a faux-fur connoisseur, and finding a good price on these babies can be tough. So far in Christchurch I've bought a bitchin' chocolate brown jacket for $38, justifying it by telling myself it's the only faux-fur colour I don't own yet. Here it is enjoying the scenery:

photo 1

RUG UP LIKE A THUG: Below you'll see Didi modelling a onesie and also George modelling a fleece knit for ya. And yes, he's holding a picture of a holographic waterfall. It got a little weird in the five minutes I was acting as artistic director. Secondhand stores are a great place to find jackets/cardigans/jumpers that won't break the bank and often look the same as current season shit retailing in stores. Let's face it, jumpers really can't change too much even in an ever-moving fashion world.

photo 3photo 2

TAKE YOUR TIME: Thrift shopping is a time-consuming task if you're hoping to find anything decent. That being said, digging through the dirt can find you some gold. Discontinued brands, designer goods at a vastly discounted price, and even formal wear. Here's a seductive young gentleman luring in dames left, right and centre with his new $25 suit. Thanks Jackson.

photo 5

(Jackson requests we run the quote "fuck bitches, get money" under this pic)

If you've never tried thrift shopping, go. Be free. There's something for everyone out there, no matter what your personal aesthetic may be.

To wrap up this inspirational article, here's a picture of me in my favourite finds from my trip so far. For the curious, this get-up consists of:
- A $10 vintage Cowboys NFL jersey
- A $1 pair of retro platform sneakers that say "GOCRAZY" on the tongue
- And a $6 Von Dutch hat, letting y'all know I was serious as shit in last week's article

photo (2)

Let me know what your favourite thrifted finds are in the comments. Also, if anyone has any more Von Dutch hats they wanna throw my way, gimme a buzz. Oh, and last thing: I found a denim mini with "CASH BITCH" emblazoned on it. Any takers?

Jayden wrote this while stroking furs and inhaling the smell of mothballs in Christchurch.


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