State of the Union: #TRENDING

Since finishing exams I’ve had a lot of time on my hands to sit around and think up important questions that I want answered. What happened to Lil Kim’s face? Can we make Pluto a planet again? And the topic of this particular article: what the fuck are we doing, fashion-wise? I’ve noticed a couple of fashion trends popping up online and I thought I’d bitch about run through these for you, dear readers. So if any of your ultra-hip friends start spouting off about this shit you can pretend you understand a little better (I sure don’t).


NORMCORE: To the best of my understanding, normcore is an ironic ‘fuck you’ to fashion where people wear “normal” shit. Blue jeans, white shirt, walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn. Okay, Lana del Rey probably wasn’t singing about buying from the Gap, committing the crime of wearing sneans or remaining clad in gender-neutrality at all times, but I’m singing regardless. Normcore has actually gained its own Wikipedia page in the last week since I started writing this article, but I’m not sure if that makes it more or less legit. I mean, teachers always said to not use Wikipedia as a source but it’s a site that manages to make a believer out of me. Anyway… apparently the term ‘normcore’ was uttered for the first time by, a trend forecasting group based in New York. It’s allegedly a response to the ever-changing pace of the fashion world leading to oversaturation.


Asos gets in on what’s #trending


Rather than buying up large in designer labels to differentiate yourself as ‘on trend’, normcore is all about embracing uniformity and ‘sameness’ as a conscious fashion choice. Being unique and individual in your fashion choices is on the outs in big urban cities. Crocs, Uniqlo, souvenir stand caps, zip-up pullovers, Tevas. Lame is the new black. [Ed: Capitalism sells communism?]


We can see this trend emerging in the F/W Self Service with tracksuits nestled under Louis Vuitton. Maybe this is all just a throwback to Dada, mixing high art with low art. A big statement from artistic minds invading the fashion world. Or I could just be totally talking out of my ass here.


"What the fuck is this shit?" – Dada

HEALTH GOTH: One step up from the intellectual trend that is ‘normcore’? Health goth. As far as I can see, health goth is a lot of black and white and some pictures of plants? I’m kind of confused as to what exactly this trend is. I thought it was a joke stemming from the normcore fad but according to Wyatt Schafner health goth is a multifaceted conceptual life choice. I’ve kind of been left speechless by this definition, so I’ll just pop it below this paragraph.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 7.01.17 pm

what. // Image Cred: Amdiscs


My brain is pretty much mush after reading that paragraph, I’m not gonna lie. But some people out there must have been reached, seeing as the health goth Facebook page has over 2000 likes to brag about. If you’re seeking any more info on what “health goth” is even supposed to mean, check out the Whatever 21 lookbook. Your pun on the major chain store Forever 21 is duly noted, good sirs.


After this brief rundown, it’s time for my thoughts on what is #TRENDING. Maybe I’m just an oldfangled biddy, but what the fuck? Maybe I’m just too much of a fan of people expressing themselves in their own way and attempting to differentiate themselves, or maybe I’m just dumb and can’t fashion at such a deep level. Maybe it’s a little bit of both. I kinda feel like people have just run out of ways to be “cool” and we’re all just getting bored with putting clothes on our bodies. I can’t say I’m going to jump on this ‘normcore’ trend, but maybe I’ll memorise that health goth spiel and adopt an alias for fun. I could call myself Onyx Leaf or something like that, ya feel?


snapshot (9)

Is this normcore? Am I health goth? Is this an Onyx Leaf look?


Hit me in the comments to defend or destroy one of these trends. Do you know someone with a normcore/health goth lifestyle? I need to understand. Last thing, burn me at the stake before you let me wear Crocs or Birkenstocks. This is published on the internet now, so I can most definitely be held to it. Cross my heart.


Jayden wrote this while drooling in confusion and wondering if she had any Gap sweaters left in the closet.


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