SWIDT'S 'No More Parties in Stoneyhunga' : : Fresh Tracks

The past few weeks, media has spent an inordinate amount of time covering the life, times, music, fashion and controvery of Kanye West, next to psychoanalysing a tweet rant every other hour. In the meantime, some really dope shit has flown under the radar, including a new release from James Blake, and some lowkey local activities intent on switching the game up.



Without any prior public notice, last night SWIDT dropped a remix of sorts of Ye and Kendrick's 'No More Parties in LA'. In the last fifteen hours, it's amassed thousands of listens and hundreds of reposts, all stemming from an initial Tweet by Spycc, Onehunga-based rapper already well on the come-up - having personally collaborated with Nu Zulund music industry pillars like David Dallas.



This was the introduction to meet the crew through their talent, and boy, did they make an impression. So we hit up the man Spycc to find out anything and everything we could.



SWIDT is a collective straight out of Onehunga, Auckland, their name an abbreviation of 'See What I Did There?'. Their catalyst appears to have been a Tweet fired from P-Money a few weeks back, when 'No More Parties in LA' dropped, saying he'd be keen to hear Spycc and INF remix the track. Whilst keen, the pair "didn't want to just flow over the OG inst