Talking to: Josh Emmett

As we all know, Josh Emmet is an internationally acclaimed Michelin star chef, but he's also a proud Kiwi. Emmet holds an impressive resume, having worked alongside Gordon Ramsay and acting as judge on New Zealand Masterchef - not to mention his hugely successful restaurant Rata, in Queenstown, alongside Ostro in Britomart. We had the privilege to have a brief chat with him on his inspirations.


WG: Cheesy question to start off with, but what inspired to you to become a Chef?

Josh: I grew up on a cattle farm and I was always surrounded by fresh produce. From a young age I had the opportunity to utilise many freshly picked and grown ingredients from my own backyard, something I still aspire to do in my cooking today. Homemade recipes and spending a lot of time in a kitchen from a young age really were what got me into cooking.


Was this where you got your famous brownie recipe?

In part, my family really helped me with that one!


If someone wanted to become a professional chef like you, what advice would you give them?

Being a chef is hard work, my biggest tip is to get yourself in a good kitchen surrounded by professionals and grind out the hours. There are long days and nights in a kitchen, so 100% dedication is key, but if you’re surrounded by the best it’s a good way to poke your foot in the door.


Maggie: What do you usually make for dinner at home?

Josh: Funnily enough, my wife does most of the cooking! I never judge though.



Ostro dining at its finest // Photo Cred here


Josh is a key influencer, and real icon, in New Zealand's hospitality industry. Josh took charge of the BMW Experience down at Taste and is now back at Ostro. If you’re ever lucky enough to witness this professional in action, you’ll know what I mean when I say it's evident this man knows what he is doing. Would definitely recommend visiting Ostro, or Rata in Queenstown if you're down that way.


Title image cred here

Interview cred Maggie Pan


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