Talks With Fazerdaze

Over Queen Street’s sweetest chocolate tart, I caught up with badass Fazerdaze to talk nostalgia, bedrooms and beers.


Why pick the moniker ‘Fazerdaze’?

Amelia Murray felt too personal, I wanted to have creative freedom. One day I was playing around with words and that stuck, it just felt right.

You have a new EP! Can you describe its sound to me?

It’s pretty diverse in terms of genre but it’s all pretty bedroom-y and guitar-y. Some songs are a bit heavier, like ‘Zero’ and ‘Treading Lightly’ but then some are a little bit introverted and shy like ‘Somethink’ and ‘Jennifer’. Overall, it’s a bit lo-fi and dreamy.


“Kind of capturing the last eight months in an EP”



What was your favourite part in writing and producing this EP?

I really enjoyed taking a song like ‘Jennifer’ - which at its bones is just an acoustic ballad - and then exploring the different directions I could pull it. Now, it’s a synthesiser/electronic track. I like what the songs have evolved into with the production.


Tell me about the track, ‘Jennifer’.

Jennifer was one of those songs that I never intended to show anyone. That song was just a stream of consciousness and it felt like an obvious song to write at the time. Every time it’s on the radio now it feels like they are reading out a page of my diary, it’s a bit terrifying.


“I’m just a weirdo who spends too much time in my bedroom”

Fazerdaze Press 1


How was the struggle real?

I guess the struggle with doing everything by yourself is that no-one would ever know if you chucked it out. It’s easy to destroy it at the same time you’re working on it. I guess that’s why for the last 20% I got Jonathan Pearce to help me with it. He made me love it again.


How was it having Jonathan work on producing your EP? 

He was great to work with. Jonathan’s got a killer work ethic that doesn’t compromise on having a good time. He really understood how  important that the EP was a learning process for me and only helped me learn more. He’d always talk me through what he was doing and then get off the computer and tell me it was my turn. I learnt a lot from him and he gave me a lot of confidence in myself to trust me own judgment.



How do you go about writing a song?

I try to tap into my subconscious as much as possible, that’s when I write more freely. If I haven’t written for a while I just sit down and play around. Playing is the key word for me. As soon as I put pressure on myself I get stuck, so I just play around and record a jam with myself, which means hundreds of voice memos on my phone! I later have to find some discipline to actually finish it though.


Would you rather gig or record?

I really love recording. I don’t think I could be happier just hanging out in my bedroom recording stuff. I find performing a bit nerve-racking but I’m enjoying it more and more with every show. I get really nervous leading up to the gig but once I’m on stage it’s not so bad.


Plans for world domination this summer?

Not world domination as such, but I just plan to write and record some new songs over summer and maybe make a music video. I’m playing Chronophonium in January, which I’m really looking forward to.


You can find Fazerdaze’s EP here

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