Taste Nasa's 'No Questions Asked' : : Music Review

Do you like Punk? Do you like Daft Punk? If the answers were YES and YES, then you would fully dig this home-brewed sound, resonating from Pirongia, Auckland that goes by the name of Taste Nasa. By infusing the Jazz techniques of Al Jarreau with the Funk-filled vibes of Orange Juice (an 80’s punk-rock band), Taste Nasa fills your ears with the freshest vibes, which goes hand-in-hand while playing GTA: Vice City, might I add.


His approach to his music is very experimental, which has truly worked in his favour. With the use of 80’s baselines and merging it with the 90’s and 00’s instruments, Taste Nasa pumps out (new age) Pop music while giving light to the old roots of pop/punk-rock/electronica and genres alike that are fading to the background in the music scene.


If you haven’t already, check out his latest project titled ‘No Questions Asked EP’ – which consists four rad tracks that really show this artist’s true colours. With the generic thud kick off of all generic club songs, the first song of the project, titled No Questions Asked, puts the faith back into good local club music. The other three of the tracks need no mentioning - after you listen to the first song, you will come crawling back for more. I guarantee it.