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Food. Let’s be real, it makes the world go round. With a few tunes, beers, and wines, the one thing every human being has in common is a set of taste buds, which has meant that we have seen dining develop into the number one reason to gather round a table and enjoy the good times. This is what Taste of Auckland looks to celebrate. Auckland has evolved into a bit of a culinary force in recent years, and with so much to feast on across the city of sails it’s hard to pass up on the food being prepped by our fine city’s incredibly talented chefs.


Each and every year, foodies from far and wide gather at Taste to celebrate just this. Dishing out some hard earned coin on a few drops of vino, maybe a gin or two, maybe a craft beer; they flock to hear from their favourite restaurateurs, maybe suck down a few oysters, and feast their eyes on their favourite chefs whipping up their favourite meals right before their eyes. So, naturally, I get amongst.

Title Image by David Gr, GRR EATS // Miss Clawdy 

Here is what we are expecting from Taste this year, and the most exciting things to come (oh, and head over to our Facebook page for the chance to win some tickets).





Taste of Auckland Official Restaurants

Bracu, Depot, Non Solo Pizza, Miss Moonshines, Farina, FISH, Maldito Mendez, Kazuya, Miss Clawdy.


I feel this list pretty adequately reflects the crazes around Auckland’s dining these days (minus a few favourites like Orphans Kitchen, Café Hanoi, maybe a dumpling bar, and a bit of Burger Burger). These guys will be whipping up tasters of their menu favourites, easy enough to get your hands on, and competing for title of Taste’s best restaurant. Wander up to one of their stands to get a cheeky plateful of their offering.



Rogue Society Gin 



The general theme in terms of drink, I expect, will be craft beer, fine wines, and gin. Maybe a bit of cider. Every year Taste allows you to pick up your own glass and wander the stalls taste testing different wines, at your own leisure. Chat with the wine makers, wine reps, and brand ambassadors.


I’m most excited for what they’re calling Brew Street, a lineup of craft brewers all housed under one marquee, featuring Sweat Shop Brew, Good George, Liberty, Hawkes Bay Brewing, and much more. Of course, Rogue Society and Hendricks will be there serving up a few Gin and Tonics as you while away the afternoon in the sun.


Gourmet Hangi

This is going to be so damn cool. Throughout the weekend, individual chefs and those from Cazador, The Tasting Shed, The Grove, and O’Connell Street Bistro, will be playing with earth and fire to bring out smoky gourmet flavours. Expect traditional takes on steam buns, pork sliders, and a Sunday roast. We’ve been told servings are limited due to the nature of the Hangi - but it’ll be worth having a look at what the goings-on are, so pop by for a nosey.



Dilmah Tea Garden



Along with the kitchens taking residency at Taste, there are a number of artisans and producers lining up for their part at Taste this year. A few I’ve already mentioned; but expect everything from ice cream, to organics, to coffee, to kitchenware, to wines, to gins, to desserts, to tea, to vodka, to big meats, to cider, to honey, to deli, to anything you can think of. Save your pennies and splash on foodie heaven.


The Social Kitchen Theatre by Fisher and Paykel 

Live chefs, chef-ing, right in front of your face. This is your chance to watch them in action rather than on your telly. There is so much going on in Fisher & Paykel’s Social Kitchen that you’re going to have to check up on the schedule here. From colab-ing with Dr Feelgood Ice Blocks, to working with Megan May from Little Bird, this is the closest you will get to the action without being the action.

Get amongst.


When: November 5th – 8th 2015

Where: Western Springs Park

How: Tickets here


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