The Best Tracks of the Week : : 24th April 2016

Another crushing blow to the music world arrived this week with the news of Prince’s passing. Arguably the 80s most influential musician, Prince was more than an icon to many, and now is certainly a good time to (re)visit his incredible discography, if you haven’t already.


Elsewhere, special mention has to go to Sturgill Simpson, with what will surely be one of the best records of the year. Not a big fan of country? Neither am I, but one has to appreciate an exceptional talent when it comes your way. Don’t sleep on it.


5. Mac DeMarco & Jon Lent – “I Was a Fool to Care”


4. Maria Usbeck – “Uno De Tus Ojos”


3. Flume – “Say It (feat. Tove Lo)”


2. DJ Quik / Problem – “A New Nite / Rosecrans Grove (feat. Shy Carter)”


1. Sturgill Simpson – “Welcome to Earth (Pollywog)”


Mac DeMarco


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