The Experiment : : Night One

Some thoughts I had whilst navigating new terrain; day one of this year's The Experiment.


1. I met Dom Hoey/Tourettes earlier in the night (doing Drive News for 95bFM), and I totally forgot to expect him at the Basement in the thirty minutes between seeing him and walking down.


2. Julia Croft reminded me of the true meaning of art, I swear to God.


3. The panel at the start was really interesting – sometimes the discussion got a bit off the rails, and not a single question that was asked was answered, but also sometimes it’s just really nice to hear people talk about why their art drives them and connects to them to others. it’s not always about pretty or cool things, it’s about passion and what motivates you.


4. I got a blue cup and a signed business card.


5. The cup still (one day later) has wine in it, and is covered in blue paint.


6. I took the cup home: It is my memento from the night.


7. The lady who gave me the business card spent a while talking to me about how to democratise our creative sphere, and it was a pleasure to talk to her.


8. There was also a person upstairs who is apparently painting mountains for the whole festival. I would have loved to buy one of them – the paintings were tiny, but they were being projected onto a big screen via a camera, and she was painting from a reference on her phone.




9. Dom Hoey’s poetry was REALLY good - it was almost conversational and really funny at points. 10/10, would see again.


10. The whole night had this really slow-burning party vibe. I saw a couple of people who were a lil disruptively drunk, but that’s okay – five dollar beers(!!), with the proceeds going to a good cause(!!) who can blame ‘em!! Not me.


11. When I left, there were some people sitting and chilling to a lady playing the banjo. The musical performances started with Punk Rock legend, Chris Knox, singing a really loud punk song, and there was this great moment where he was kinda lifted off stage - causing a brief pause in the whole proceedings, like an intake of breath. This was one of Chris’ rare public performances since a stroke in 2009. It was just really lovely.




12. There were some people spray painting boxes in the car park. They had to cover off a whole area so they didn't get paint everywhere.


13. Hannah Owen Wright performed an Electronica spoken word mixed thing at the end of the evening, which I’m so gutted I missed.




14. The whole point of the night was ostensibly to give artists a place to network and connect (and teach them how to support a community that would support them). Continuing with that theme, I have consciously taken down the names of at least three more shows I’m planning to go to just because I so enjoyed the performances of the artists I saw.


15. Julia Croft is the best. I lowkey love her.


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