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The Goods. It's pretty self-explanatory, and something you definitely do not want to miss out on.


On Saturday the 23rd of August, What’s Good’s debuted our streetwear/food/music/everything ever collective: ‘The Goods’. As a part of the What’s Good fam, I had the pleasure of attending the event, taking some snaps which you’ll see below, and generally just vibing out, looking at some sick threads, appreciating dope art, drinking fine coffee (shoutout to Kowhai of Supreme Seafarers) and watching some very talented musicians take the stage at a time that they probably weren’t used to (read: early afternoon), but did an incredible job anyway. Let’s break it down into the different sectors ‘The Goods’ had, so you get the idea.


IMG_4842 copy

11:54am - before we opened the doors.


The Threads:

The clothes spotted at ‘The Goods’ were on point. I wandered around and went back to stalls, particularly gazing at some of the designs of the now late The Lucid Collective gear. The debut of ‘The Goods’ marked the end of Lucid’s time in the notoriously fickle, competitive and at times downright confusing streetwear industry. They had some of their last stock on sale, which are now rarities, as they will not be sold again. Lucid were always trying to be unique and take a different angle in an industry that is highly oversaturated, and some very lucky attendees of the day walked away with some Lucid threads, which no one will be able to say anymore.


The Parks (sibling-brand to high-end Thprks) were also seen at the event, selling some of their highly unique, culturally self-aware, and often challenging gear. Their threads are next level, and while I’m personally only seen in the light of day in black/white/grey, the fashion-forward of us would've definitely have found themselves in heaven at ‘The Goods’.


IMG_4838 copy

$5 beers on one side; coffee on the other.


The Chow: 

The food was tight. There’s nothing else I can really say. Dumplings were provided by an in-house chef at Neck of the Woods, and apparently they were insane. The reason I say "apparently" is because I was late to the game, and the dumplings were gone within minutes (no, seriously, they sold out before the first hour ticked over). I think that speaks for itself.


Also under the eatable consumables category was coffee (duh, this is What’s Good). Kowhai - known well in the scene for her captaincy at Supreme Seafarers, down at Tyler Street in the Auckland CBD, provided amazing coffee, as always. If you haven’t checked out 'Preme's stuff, do it. You’ll be greeted with a smile and a steaming hot cup of goodness, sure to turn that frown upside-down. 


Oh… and did I mention the NotW in-house 'Five Bucks' beer? Mate, do I really need anything else to persuade you. 


The Visuals: 

The art spotted at ‘The Goods’ was arguably my favourite part of the whole day. An amazing group of New Zealand-based artists such as Chuck Black, Sophie Rose, Toni Gill and Yesterday’s Tomorrow had prints, originals, tees, commissions, and sculptures, available to purchase. There was not one piece I glazed over - it was all incredible.


IMG_4867 copy

Sophie Rose Illustrations' work.


As if this wasn’t enough, there was also live painting. I kept a close eye on the development of both Naik and Fasi, proudly straight outta Onehunga. The pieces they produced were amazing, and it was such an interactive experience seeing them start with the original outline, to putting the final brush stroke on their masterpiece.


The Beats: 

The music on display at ‘The Goods’ was phenomenal. The day started off with some low-key tunes from Matt Whiting, who aside from being great behind the decks is a seriously nice dude (I managed to grab a chat with him throughout the day). Following that was a mind-blowing chillwave performance from Soltree and guest rapper Bryan Anderson.


IMG_4898 copy

Solomon Bagley (a.k.a Soltree)


So there you have it: The Goods. I don’t really know what else you could want in an event, and I for one will definitely be heading along to the next one. I suggest you do the same, because do remember this shall be a monthly ordeal. Seriously good vibes. See you next time.

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