The Greatest Singers of All Time

In between watching cat videos on YouTube, Facebook stalking checking out what those people I used to know are doing now and finally browsing though every "The Voice," "X Factor" and "...'s Got Talent" (Not a huge fan of American Idol), my topic of thought turned to the greatest singer of all time.

From Axl to Aguilera, Bowie to Bieber (actually  neither Christina or Justin came to mind, but alliteration pleases me), thoughts spanned genres and generations.

There were also issues around what made a singer 'great'. Many bemoan Bob Dylan's vocal abilities, but if you listen to Mr Tambourine Man and fail to feel anything, you're almost certainly dead inside.

So what makes a great singer?

Rolling Stone, awarded the top spot to Aretha Franklin (which incidentally, is an excellent shout), but ultimately determining what makes a great singer largely comes down to taste. Not least because it's nigh on impossible to split the singer from the song.

But what about the stuff you can measure?

Which singers have the biggest vocal ranges? Clearly vocal range is also determined by the songs the singers choose to sing, but nevertheless, it would be fun to dig a little deeper.

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