Third3ye "On3ness" – All About That Mother Nature

In this era, the Third Eye symbolizes enlightenment or recollection of mental images that have deep personal connections of spiritual or psychological significance. This is what our homegrown band, Third3ye, has embodied in its music. This Aotearoa grown hip-hop collective’s latest project, “On3ness”, really portrays its feelings of being at one with everything around them. The ideology behind this album was to show thee audience that ‘on3ness’ is a concept they embody to describe the circle of infinite connections, binding and all things. This is achieved to a great extent, in my opinion. With the use of the unforgettable hip-hop’s golden age drum kits/machines, cultural strings, the great choices in ambient lead synthesizers with the low beats per minutes, Third3ye turns hip-hop into an alternative art form that portrays their philosophical views.

Third3ye’s album is super easy listening. Pretty equivalent to what you want to listen to on Friday dusk, with your mates, while you share a drink or two…or when it’s 16.20 hours, if you know what I mean.

When I experienced the first song off of the project, it did not really grasp my attention. Then again, it is not suppose to – the music is just there to be enjoyed with the aid of a good environment. Listen to its music after a hard day of work, or when you want to unwind, ‘cause it really helps with the process. It is hard to pinpoint where its inspiration is fueled from, in relation to musicians, because Third3ye tends to illuminate a philosophical euphoria that is loosely intertwined with the teachings of Buddhism (a nontheistic religion that teaches the way of enlightenment). This is something that we need in the music industry, and in general too – real originality.

Third3ye’s last two projects are the like, too, yet they vary in its own way. Check them out at

Plus, stay tuned with What’s Good, as we are releasing an exclusive video interview with all the members of Third3ye next week!