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We only want you to slightly ignore any Godfather references popping into your brain right now. We call this the Godfather because it is just that, the Godfather of all cocktails. Not because it is the OG cocktail you would image George W drinking away in the 1700’s. No, it's because it is literally the liquid equivalent of your Godfather. Older, wiser, only pops into your life every once in a while, yet treats your relationship with a little tongue-in-cheek because he’s got no paternal duties. Ignoring the terrible metaphor – this is a drink to be consumed appreciated in plenty.



This is the kind of drink you order after 10pm on that date where you’re not quite sure you will get a second one, where you throw caution into the wind. Almost exclusively, it's to be ordered in a suit.
Equal parts Thomson Two Tone Whiskey and Disaronno (Amaretto will also do the trick), this tipple not only feels smooth to the tongue, it washes down elegantly as orange rind cuts through the smokey tones you get from the Whisky Cinammon mix.


Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 5.22.52 pm



  • 40ml Whiskey
  • 40ml Disaronno



  1. Stir all ingredients in mixing glass
  2. Strain over a single ice cube in a tumbler
  3. Garnish with orange rind


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