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Another New York City original cocktail, the Roulette comes from the mind of Maxwell Britten, of the Maison Premiere, Brooklyn.


Inaugurated as the Frenchman Roulette, this inspiration takes what was originally two different types of whiskey - old Overholt and rye – sugar syrup, and creole bitters, maraschino, and absinthe.



The method is simple. This drink is perfect for those who want an easy drink, without much fuss, but something a little different to your classic beer, wine, spirit, martini – whatever your usual is. It’s easy to digest, hard to master, but with such a beautifully rounded note on the first sip you almost can't go wrong.


Traditionally, according to Brittens recipe, you garnish with a squeeze of lemon rind and then leave the rind out of the drink. However, due to the notes of Thompson’s Two Tone whiskey, we chose to be adventurous. We used an orange peel - and we left in the drink.



- 60ml Thompson Whiskey

- 1 teaspoon of Sugar Syrup (2:1 parts sugar:water)

- 4 dashes Absinthe

- 4 Dashes Maraschino

- 6 Dashes Creole Bitters (a variation on Peychauds)

- Orange rind


Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 10.28.33 am



- Take a chilled mixing glass, to which we add the Thomson Whiskey, sugar syrup, absinthe, maraschino, and creole bitters.


- Stirred well over ice, maybe 30-40 times, this easy drinking concoction brings home the old, easy living days of New Orleans – we see this drink as a variation on the Sazerac. The creole gives a cinnamon scent, while absinthe and maraschino give just a hint of sweetness, the sugar syrup lends to hold the whiskey with the added bitters - and voila.


- Serve in a double rocks glass, with no ice. Garnish by simply squeezing a lemon peel over the drink to allow for the aromas to be accentuated.


- It's one of the trickier cocktails to make, simply because you have a number of ingredients which are hard to get your hands on in some places – but nevertheless, it’s a classic that gives even the Sazerac a run for its money. With Thompson whiskey acting as the main event – you can't look past it.



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