Tim Lambourne's Tokyo Bloom

Until the 22nd of December, you can find Tim Lambourne giggling over a collection of Joe Biden quotes while flawlessly rocking the denim on denim look. All at Allpress Gallery behind Vic Park.   Tim's very own Tokyo Bloom embellishes the fresh crisp walls of this space with vibrant, rich colours and petal scenes that are slick as hell.   The work brews conceptual insight into the artist's time in Japan, where he started using a medium format camera to document his (pretty) encounters. Tim wanted to capture the softer side to the city he described to me as a ‘concrete jungle’.   These scenes work effectively as a series, capturing a new colour scheme to that of which we as New Zealanders are not used to. Some pieces hosted a cold cyan hue, whereas others came alive with striking reds and pinks-shades that are gloriously prevalent in Japan’s floral springtime. Tim’s choices of colours were complimentary yet contrasting, painting traditional yet somewhat modern observations of Tokyo's plant life, showcasing the contradictions you can find in the bizarre contexts of Japan.




With a background in journalism predominantly, Tim’ s knowledge of more narrative and documentative style photography were side benched for Tokyo Bloom, where his artistic ability and understanding of design and photography were highlighted beautifully. Opting to take part in an exchange programme at the University of Missouri during his graduate degree was where it all started for Tim. Falling in love with art photography wasn’t hard to do under the teaching of sensational and extremely established photographer, Joe Johnson (whose work is seriously beyond advanced, check it out here).


Tim and I talked about the romantic yet restrained relationships you can find yourself in while visiting Japan, anxieties that creatives can’t avoid and what it's like having your very first show in Auckland. He was friendly, and super down to earth. He talked excitedly and openly about his process and artistic background and didn’t hesitate to share some personal thoughts with me:   “I firmly believe photography can be a complete art medium, it can push boundaries in the same way as traditional art can... But can also do the exact opposite.”


He also articulated the excitement of having his first exhibition, along with the anticipation of selling his pieces down to a (modest) T:   “It’s a pretty gnarly thing man, art is expensive!”




Interestingly enough, this exhibition explores a different kind of monetary exchange to what he’s used to working with. Entrepreneurial by nature, personal business endeavours are also in the oven for Tokyo Bloom’s creator.


Tim and his friend Joe are the driving force behind acclaimed Paper Pirates, which has now successfully travelled to Tokyo and New York.


Paper Pirates is a travelling gallery which showcases 500-700 photographs from random contributors and allows its audience to take prints home for FREE. Celebrating photographic expertise without the skyrocketing cash tag has been a triumphant direction to take for the team (see more about Tim and Joe’s Paper Pirates click here). We really don’t want to spoil all of the surprises, but their next stop is Amsterdam!


Sieving through Tim’s photo nerding, you could really tell the guy had an undeniable passion for photography and drive to further explore his craft. Tim was extremely grateful towards Allpress Gallery for facilitating his show and explained how incredibly supportive they were to the creative community, where throughout the year we’ve been lucky enough to witness a range of artists, from emerging to established and local to international, showcase at this young and fresh gallery.


Head down to the gallery to catch the last of Tokyo Bloom’s delightful installation and grab a coffee from next door while you’re at it!   December 15-22 at All Press Studio, 8 Drake St, Auckland.


Photography by Scott Sinton


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