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Toledo Springs have seemingly kept off the front lines leading up to their debut EP. Hosting a number of name changes, you’d be forgiven for not recognising this band at all - but to ignore them now would be a mistake. This enigmatic self-titled EP has arrived with all of its parts in place, blissed out and ready for the heat.


Leading the processions is the band's first single ‘Where I’ll Be’. Synth clad and dripping in cool, the song sits in your subconscious like an afternoon dream. Driven by a spaced out opening riff and hushed vocals, a quiet confidence is built that carries over the rest of the EP. The next track ‘Essentially’ finds a similar aesthetic, but rises more steadily for a greater release. The synths that bridge the guitar led verses collide during the latter half of the track, lifting the dreamy mood to something purely danceable. The cohesion between the self-assured and absent moments is what makes this EP feel so vital.


After building to something danceable, Toledo Springs carries this over to the next track ‘Pieces’. Like the best psychedelia, ‘Pieces’ creates modern moments whilst steeped in nostalgia. ‘Just a Minute’ slows things down and finds Nico (the frontmen of the band) at his most introspective. Nico keeps his lyricism simple, lines like “Please, I want you now” are delivered with sincerity and carry more weight because of this. ‘P9’ brings the EP to a close in tremendous fashion. Combining the strongest elements from the previous four tracks, ‘P9’ is Toledo Springs at their loudest and most tender.


An excellent debut, it’s refreshing to see an Auckland band arrive so fully formed. This EP builds on track after track, delivering something truly powerful; a strong sign of things to come.


You can see Toledo Springs launch their debut EP at the Lucha Lounge on the 18th of December or download their EP now.


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