Tour Diary : : Day One

Our resident band junkie Matt Hutson will be bringing you war stories from the heart of Europe every day till his liver gives in. 

Spent 30 hours plane hopping without sleep. It was actually semi-enjoyable, 'unlimited' (I think you've had enough sir) free booze can make almost anything fun. Touching down in London brought with it the sweet breath of a long awaited cigarette, but more so the realisation of 'fuck, I'm over here doing things.' Because it'll be a few days until I'm supposed to play any shows, those things were confined to hitting the local pub.

Situated on the river side where gypsies come and go in their boats as they please, the place definitely had a weird kind of charm to it. The local brews were kind of dog shit though. Of the three I tried I managed to grin and bear one of them. Sleep was catching up on me, so I headed back to the home of one half of ex Dunedin band Two Cartoons to call it a night. 'Hot Toddys' (whiskey, lemon, honey and hot water) greeted me there and tucked me in to bed.



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