Tour Diary : : Day Two

Our resident band junkie Matt Hutson will be bringing you war stories from the heart of Europe every day till his liver gives in.

Apparently the weather's been freakishly amazing while we've been here, I guess it helps with not feeling like I need to do any adjusting to fit in. It also probably helps that I'm staying in a house full of kiwis, in the town with the highest concentration of kiwis. I should probably leave this place soon to absorb some English culture.

Went guitar shopping today in vintage guitar heaven. Our front man Tom casually decided to drop $1500 on a new guitar. I'd give the specifics but you probably care less than I do. See attached photo of Anthony playing it.


You can totally buy A gram of coke on the street here for £40 too. £50 if you don't pretend you can get a better deal elsewhere. Not that I did. Sorry mum.