Unknown Mortal Orchestra's 'First World Problem' : : Fresh Tracks

If you’re having a bad day, let Reueben Neilsen make it better for you.


The musical genius and his 3 fellow Oregonians premiered a new track on Annie Macs BBC Radio 1 show and it’s all sorts of good vibes.


“First World Problem” is the first we’re to hear since the dreamy psych-poppy arrangements of multi-love – that song that made me want to ask my boyfriend if we could have a polyamorous relationship with a Japanese girl.



The track is an upbeat disco feel tune with surges of neon synths, lush-tinging brass and groovy-popping bass. Naturally, it features a hooky chorus and some quirky guitar work – it’s a perfect ode to Prince, if you’re still in a state of heartbreak.


Neilsen explained the song’s cryptic lyrics, saying, “I think First World Problem is about modern love in a crumbling empire. The feeling that you’re trying to build your life and get what you need while a decadent world falls apart around you.”


A seamlessly bright track for a gauzy Auckland day. Plus, it has some badass art work by talented local artist/UMO fan girl Henrietta Harris.



Check it.


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