Vic Mensa – Representing The Chicago Scene #INNANET

Last week I introduced you all to a mad-decent band by the name of Kids These Days. Today I shine the light on what came of that band as it dispersed. Vic Mensa, the rapper behind the seven-piece band went out of his city, Chicago, to show America and the Internet his undoubtedly sick flowing rapper can do.

After the fall out of his band, he straight jumped into his solo career without a break. He worked hard on it, and this is all seen through the ill 14 tracks that he compiled into a mixtape titled “Innanetape”. Not only did he manage to get recognition off of this, his merchandise for this project and his team, SAVEMONEY, was extremely successful.

The 1980 drum kits/woodwinds to modern kits, the compilation of piano melodies, with the slick bass makes this mixtape par with the standard of a studio album. The bst tracks off of this ‘album’ are all of them, except the interludes, in my opinion. There is not a lot I could talk about this artist, in all honesty.

Vic’s vocal delivery and instrumentals go together like the summertime and the beach… that is the best analogy I could think of… You just have to experience him for yourself. His affiliates are dope, too. Check ‘em all out at

That is it from me, for today. I really got nothing more to say, ‘cause this artist speaks for himself. People, I give you Vic Mensa.



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