Voodoo Child : : Mixology

We’re not quite sure where the inspiration for this drink came from, to be perfectly honest. Originating out of a little bar in San Francisco, the Cotogna, famed for its Spanish tapas and the sort, the drink took its namesake from the song Voodoo Chile by Hendrix.


It's a spicy rendition of what was intended to have a tequila base, but was first poured with rum - something else we can’t explain. Think of something sweet and spicy, which if garnished with a chili you’ll obviously find a little more spicy than sweet. This is for the adventurous, but definitely worth an order if you can memorise all the ingredients (and teach your bartender a thing or two). Don’t be put off by the hot sauce.


Expect soft notes on the first sip, followed by a little kick in the back of your throat to get the night going. You can find us enjoying these after a few snakebites in the back corner of some bar none of us have ever heard of.



- 35ml Stolen Gold
- 25ml Stolen White
- 25ml St. Germain Elderflower Syrup
- 25ml Cointreau
- 30ml Fresh Lime Juice
- 15ml Grapefruit Juice
- 1 dash Angostura Bitters
- 6 dashes light bodied hot sauce


- Chill tumbler with ice
- Add ice to shaker
- Add all ingredients
- Shake hard for 20 seconds
- Strain over ice in tumbler
- Garnish

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