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If you're one of the people that think the only hospitality scene Takapuna has provides for the steady stream of lads on their way to turn up on Thursday nights at Bin Bin or Macs Bar, then think again, because the discovery of Blind Basket, nestled in the (almost) heart of Takapuna has blown my expectations out of the water; and it could even be the deciding reason to make the journey from the city to the shore.


Inside, think Dear Jervois style - tiled walls, an expansive openly lit space and intricate plating, minus the hustle and bustle and hour long table wait. You’re immediately drawn in by high ceilings and white washed walls, with your attention then called to the immaculate centre cabinet full of sushi and sweet treats. There are pot plants in abundance and you won’t go short of a pale wood table to get that perfect gram shot of your food at.



What excited me and instantly caught my eye on the menu was the infamous açai bowl, often thought uncommon on any Aukland cafe menu. Along with it was other smaller meals and salads, easy to take out or grab a quick lunch during work, and one very impressive sushi cabnet, full of beautifully curated and decorated sushi catering to regular, gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan needs.

As well as food there’s a short and sweet drinks menu consisting of rich, sumptuous milkshakes, and smoothies that’ll make you feel as if you’re drinking a weeks worth of nutrients, including the classics, berry, green and cacao superfood smoothies.

The atmosphere was cool and friendly, with a notable amount of locals who work in the area popping in and out for their Supreme coffee fix and takeout sushi that looked almost like a work of art and way too good to eat (without a photo first of course). The staff obviously know their stuff, as the service was quick and seamless, and managed to chat to the patrons as they floated in and out.

So if you’ve got a difficult group of friends consisting of the healthy one, the one who just wants a coffee, the one who needs a hangover feed, and if you also happen to want some sushi while you’re at it, then you’ve found your new place of sanctuary, away from the lads and the Taka town-goers.



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