Wanderings: Crumb Grey Lynn

Nestled on the fringe of Grey Lynn on the corner of Crummer Road and Ariki St, this new cafe has been thriving in the local community, serving take-away coffees and treats, offering a place to relax on the street corner, and a damn nice aesthetic to go along with it.


Upon entering you are straight away greeted with friendly and welcoming vibes from the staff, as well as the calming interiors. The staff manages to make your experience personal, with many notable regulars coming in and out throughout the day. The aim of the game is to bring together the small community surrounding them, like neighbors connecting over a quick coffee before work.




Their service is speedy as you might be the only ones there at the time and if not, there is only one barista and one cashier so your order could take around 5-10 minutes, tops. For such a small space, the interior has been worked to its extent, with intimate indoor barstool seating and a few scattered bean bags just outside for sipping your juice in the sun, if you’re into that.


If you’re lucky and haven’t missed out on their food due to the post-morning rush, you’ll get to grab a bite of either sweet or savory baked goods provided by Meola Kitchen daily. Ranging from savory scones and decadent Danishes, to hearty sandwiches and flavorsome salads, they’ve pretty much got all the basics covered. Their java is on point too. I’m always after a good flat white, and if it’s brewed up with Supreme Coffee then that’s even better. The cheeky red Supreme flat white is hard to fault, pairing the basic black/white/extras coffee menu with an impressive looking smoothie and milkshake menu. Their green juice is like no other, smooth with an undertone of mint, sure to awaken the taste-buds before work or on the morning after. It’s safe to say you would definitely come here for a drink or two of the right kind.


Crumb is the perfect stop off, drop in or takeaway. Catering to whatever mood you’re in with relaxed wooden interiors and washed out colour scheme to make you feel immediately at home. Their gram is 10/10 too hit them up right here. Good vibes, better coffee, friendly service, it’s all you need, and you didn’t even know it.






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