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Its not hard to notice that the latest trend to take over Auckland and beyond is the kick ass health craze. Everyone seems to feeling this organic-raw-gluten-free-everything-free bird-seed munching phenomenon. So, naturally, when Greenleaf Organics popped up as the newest cafe on the Kingsland block, I couldn’t resist dropping in to check it out. All for the good of the health trends, and some visuals for my Instagram.

When walking in, you may be confused as to whether you’re walking into a cafe or a mechanic’s garage, but don’t worry - it gets good inside. With a few bean bags set up in the concrete-clad entrance, Greenleaf Organics throw together a modern/industrial vibe that perfectly matches the colour scheme. Effortlessly simple.




The interior is a calming mix of pale wood paneled bench seats and white washed walls. With subtle pink hues and matte finished tableware, you as though instead of being in a bustling cafe joint, you’re right in the middle of a Citta homeware store. Greenleaf has definitely branched out from the regular cafe look.


The vibe we got from the atmosphere was completely relaxed and laid back. The staff were friendly, interactive, and inviting and you feel as though you can make yourself comfortable and familiar with the space, as if it was your own local. Even the chefs were milling around engaging in some banter with the patrons. They had a mint playlist to provide some background. The interior is spacious and light, perfect for meeting friends for a coffee, or a post-gym lunch.




For a small cafe, they have a substantial breakfast and lunch menu that changes every so often to keep it interesting, alongside a big cabinet full of organic, raw treats that range from power bars to caramel slice and berry ‘cheesecakes’. Their drinks menu was by far one of the most extensive I’ve ever seen, with a menu full of dairy free smoothies, nut ‘mylks’, kombucha and detoxifying tonics.


If you're in need of a cleanse, and feeling like your brain has been marinading in whatever has been pumped through your system in previous weeks, then GLO will have the detoxifying paleo goodness for your soul. It's fair to say I walked out of Greenleaf feeling like the picture of health.



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