Welcome Back, Fed Deli

After the horrific Federal Street kitchen fire a few months back, we saw the closing of two of Auckland’s leading restaurants. Depot, and The Fed. Both turning down service thanks to a failure in the extraction fan. Among the hospitality community this was a tragedy. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but thousands of patrons went without for months.




Almost god willingly, sumptuous Oyster Bar, Depot, opened back up shortly after. But The Fed suffered a real loss.


Finally, months after shutting down operations for repairs, The Fed has opened its doors back up again. The American Style diner and its bottomless coffee, superb Buffalo wings, and a world famous on federal street Montreal Poutine are back in business. Sporting and incredible cocktail list with dinner, and a big brunch service to go along with the coffee, you can’t go wrong with these guys.


It's good to welcome them back into what was, in my eyes, a hollow hospitality scene without them.





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