Wellington : : The Definitive Guide

Where to drink coffee acceptably by yourself


Six Barrel Soda

1 Eva Street, Te Aro.

It’s tucked away up some stairs above Pavement formerly known as Hope Bros (R.I.P). Because the location is so secluded you will unlikely run into people you saw at high school and had drunken chats with, but don’t know well enough to strike up a conversation. How perfect.

You can happily bring a mag or notebook here and sit beside the window seat and be introverted while drinking yummy Flight Coffee and treats they have in the cabinet.


Milk Crate

35 Ghuznee st, Te Aro.

Milk Crate has one of the best selections of magazines in Wellington – up to date New Yorkers, holla. So going with anyone would be distracting, and the motion of moving your head up and down from the magazine would make you sick. Gross. Their coffee is delicious and sandwiches also nommy + they have this really big table, which works perfectly to sit by yourself and work on creative projects near others.



Milk Crate. Image by Georgia Rippin.


Outing ideas


Sit at the Mt Vic lookout with some Fish and Chips

3 Majoribanks St, Mount Victoria.

The Fish and Chips have to be from the Mt. Vic Fish and Chippery, of course. This place is crazy cool, because it lets you customize your Fish and Chips like no-tommorow. You get to choose the fish, how it’s done (Crumbed, battered etc) and you get chips cooked how they should always be– hunky and golden, like Jamie Oliver in his hey-day. Mt Vic. lookout doesn’t have prime seating so bringing a blanket is a must.



Mt Vic Lookout. Image by Georgia Rippin.


Scorching bay

Scorching bay is a Wellington gem because it’s home grown. No Nelson beaches were harmed in the making of it. It’s brilliant on a warm day with some fruit and/ or a picnic with friends. I suggest BYO’ing food because Scorchorama the only cafe in the close beach vicinity is over priced and does small portions. #Evil.


Lyall Bay and Miranda Kerr’s favourite

Maranui Surf Life Saving Club, Lyall Bay.

Lyall Bay is not a pretty beach, you should relax on. The sand is black, the waves harsh and the detritus in the area too reminiscent of something in Blair Witch. However, it’s cool to walk around, all brooding and like. Once you’ve time capped that moody time – head to Maranui café. Maranui, is a Wellington local favourite, it’s packed on weekends though, so be prepared to wait, unless you go for the sneaky week outing. The salads are insane good, and so are the spirulina smoothies, I had way too many when I was mastering the round about by the airport for my restricted. Everything is amazing, go, go.



Embassy Theatre. Image by Zoe Pottinger.


Embassy Theatre + treats and dinz

Embassy is the site of all of Wellington’s major film premieres, so you know it’s luxe. The bathrooms in the upstairs level make you feel like your in Richy’ Rich’s house. The downstairs area of the cinema doesn’t really echo the rest of the cinema’s cool vibes – it’s more L.A nightclub, but I won’t hold it to that. Definitely pay a visit pre-movie to Nic Nac’s – it’s Wgtn’s mixed lolly institution prior and perfect for cine- snacks. Post-movie, wind down at Sweet Mother’s Kitchen. S.M’s does amazing South American cuisine with a personal favourite being the Sweet Blossom Salad accompanied with a piece of Peanut Butter pie after.

- Embassy theatre – 10 Kent Terrace, Te Aro.

 - Nic Nac’s – 128 Cuba street, Te Aro.

 - Sweet Mother’s Kitchen – 5 Courtney Place, Te Aro.



Embassy Theatre. Image by Zoe Pottinger.


Lorettas + Wander up Cuba

Lorettas is a Scandinavian dream. It’s all light wood and cool crockery and an ever-changing seasonal menu to keep you on your toes. I would start with brunch here then head up Cuba to check out Recycle Boutique, namely their ‘Staff Picks’ rack – the Staff’s curation is on point. Then zig-zag up and down to the following shops – Ziggurat, Hunted and Collected, Emporium, Fusion, Area 51, Unearthed and Match Box Art Gallery.

Lorettas – 181 Cuba St, Te Aro.

- Ziggurat – 144, Cuba St, Te Aro. (Medium- Expensive priced Vintage clothing)

- Hunted and Collected – 134 Cuba St, Te Aro. (Medium- Expensive priced Vintage clothing)

- Emporium – 103b Cuba St, Te Aro. (Medium priced vintage clothing)

- Fusion – 89 Cuba St, Te Aro. (Street and lifestyle wear)

- Area 51 – Corner of Cuba and Dixon st. (Too notorious for caption)

- Unearthed – 219 Cuba st, Te Aro. (Vintage homewares and art)

- Match Box Art Gallery – 166 Cuba st, Te Aro. (Indie art gallery)

- Good as Gold – 120 Victoria st (Global selection of clothing + footwear brands; see this guide's title image)



Matchbox Studios. Image by Zoe Pottinger.



In Good Company/Matchbox Studios. Image by Zoe Pottinger.


Trip to Moore Wilsons + Frozen yoghurt
93 Tory St, Te Aro
Moore Wilsons is my happy place. It’s an artisan supermarket. Think Farro Fresh and Nosh combined into one cooler and higher achieving sibling on a Fulbright Scholarship and you get the picture. The bulk area is where you stock up on 2kg slabs of ‘cooking’ chocolate, mixed lollies and oven croissants. The dry area is where you buy patisseries, freshly squeezed O.J on site



Image by Zoe Pottinger.


Did you wanna be a Fitspo in Wellywood?


Swim at Fryberg pool and get a sauna afterwards

Fryberg pool is not your lazy day Sunday pool. It’s your ‘go hard doing laps like a middle aged man on lunch break’ kind of pool. If you want to languidly paddle your legs, get the f* out, because you will be swam on. N.B No jokes, one time a grandpa swam over me here. Regardless, it’s a great pool with a great sauna as well. I get light headed in there, but if you’re European or like to pretend to be, get amongst.


Waterfront run

Start by Frank Kitts Park make your way around the waterfront battling the wind which makes you feel like your in a wind tunnel. On the weekend, stop for a coffee at the Italian coffee cart on the way back by Waitangi Park (It’s open at 7am, one the few early coffee openers in Welly) and if you do this on the week day stop at Deluxe (also open at 7am) for a coffee and a vegan muffin or cupcake to take away if you’re a hard worker.

Deluxe – 10 Kent Terrace, Mt Victoria.


Wanna brunch like your girl pack is SATC ?



Pravada. Image by Georgia Rippin.


107 Customhouse Quay

Pravda looks more Blair Waldorf’s brunch spot than Carrie Bradshaw’s, but regardless, it’s mint. The eggs are the best in Wellington in my opinion. The service is relaxed for what seems like what could be an overly posh environment. And the scones, sell out on the reggas. For those not in the know, scones selling out is a big thing in Wellington. It inspires much distress and simultaneous respect for a café. If you hear about the sellout, like Pravda does, it must be good.



Olive. Image by Georgia Rippin.


170/172 Cuba St

The prime seating in this place, is the outside area. It’s a lush green haven where ferns tickle the rim of your coffee cup, or maybe you put the ferns in your coffee cup...It’s up to preference. Never the less, the brunch menu is great, the staffs are genetically and satorially blessed (Is Twenty Seven names an informal uniform here? WHO KNOWS). Get the mushrooms, you won’t regret.


Working meal – because you’re a creative, duh


14 Jessie St, Te Aro

Everyone here seems like they’re a free-lancer, so if you are/ want to pretend you’re one – Pre-Fab is your one stop shop. Order the waffles and sit at one of the high bar stools with your colleagues or by yourself (no judgment). Macbook pro and expensive looking frames recommended.




The Library
Level 1/53 Courtenay Place, Te Aro

This is a yo-pro and general pro-hangout, but don’t let it deter you. The Library has great ambiance in it’s own little niche way (the décor is un-surprisingly ‘Library themed’ and the layout also ‘library themed’ in the bar’s open-layout grid. Funnn. Also if you go Ham here, I recommend lying in the establishment’s freestanding bathtub and antagonising the other patrons, sure fire way to start the night.


Motel Bar
Forresters Ln, Te Aro

This place is so fun. The drinks are served in tiki cups and you get to sit in plush seats with dark lighting so nobody can see how hard you applied your blush at 7pm. It’s also not too loud, so you can spin mean yarns without your wit being drowned out.


Only dessert buzz


234 Cuba St, Te Aro

Fidels is famous for their coffee and café culture, but I think their dessert offerings rival that. Last time, I went with friends we got this amazing semi-freido cake with meringue in it and another Tim-Tam cake to share and it was like heaven on earth. Plus, the outside area is lit only by candle light at nighttime so nobody can see how bloated your feeling from eating the best dessert ever.



Strawberry Fare. Image by Zoe Pottinger.


Strawberry Fare
25 Kent Terrace, Mount Victoria

Full disclosure, this place used to be a morgue. However, now it’s a dessert specialty restaurant – hooraah ! The desserts here are insanely good, a personal favourite being a conical tower of Black forest mousse layered with chocolate mousse and hard chocolate. Every dessert also comes with a toffee swirl, which you can eat there or wrap up in a napkin to ferally gnaw on at home. Both options recommended. N.B atmosphere is weird here, but you suck it up because DESSERTS !



Edible Souvenir list to take home:

- Six Barrel Soda

- Fix and Fogg peanut butter

- Matakana Ginger Beer

- Wellington Chocolate Factory chocolate


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