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It’s a stressful life we all lead. We're constantly in a rush. Constantly busy. In a world like this, there is one substance has been quickly adopted into our culture, coffee. Around 40% of NZ coffee drinkers are substituting their breakfast for this liquid gold. Albeit a problem, this only demonstrates our caffeine intake, and the importance of finding a good brew.

Now, you can do it at home. Granted, we all want a bit of milk in our white coffee, but unless you have your own espresso machine at home, it's highly unlikely you can replicate a barista quality drop every time. So ditch the Nespresso, plunger, or instant coffee you are accustomed to hate that you love. Here are the best three methods for brewing your favourite cuppa.


  1. Chemex

You might recognise the Chemex from old Friends episodes, that conical hourglass shaped handblown beauty that pours their drop at home. The Chemex is in my mind, the epitome of the home entertainers brewing kit. Whether it be 3 cup or 6 cup, you can brew something up for your day in the home office, or an evening bashing the books, or for that date or group you’re having round for breakfast.

It pumps out the perfect sharing batch. All you need is some freshly ground beans, a bit of hot water, a spoon, and your own Chemex filter papers.

Measure your grind into the paper found settled in the top of the Chemex as shown in the title, pour a touch of hot water and stir – this will create what we call a “slurry” in the bottom of your filter. Continue, then, to pour your hot water over the slurry, slowly and steadily, in a circular motion. While letting the water filter through, scoop around the edge of the papers, collecting any residual grind left behind.

Serve up with milk, sugar, or cream, depending on your taste, and make sure it is paired with a damn good bean – as this is the finest filter you can produce at home.


  1. Gold Filter

Much simpler than the Chemex, a gold filter consists of a plastic cylinder, with a thin gold plated steel filter at the bottom. Here is where you rest your grind, as opposed to the paper filter needed in a Chemex. No extra equipment is required here, hence the beauty and simplicity of a gold filter.

After resting your grind in the filter as shown, rest the inner cylinder of the filter over the top, where you will see a number of small filtration holes reside. Pour your hot water over the top until full, and le the filter work its magic. Minutes later you have a cuppa for one. Easy for when you’re on the run, and consistently good quality, easy to clean too.

This always works wonders for me in the morning, its faster and easier than a Chemex, without the fuss.


  1. Hario V60



Tom from Customs Brew ran us through the V60 while down in Wellington. This is much similar to a Chemex, but easier to take on the road, and makes a smaller batch brew. With the same filtration style, and the same process, the v60 is a product very well suited for the lady or gentleman on the go. Easy to pack to travel with, and even easier to set up anywhere you like. I would actually be keen to see this more readily available in cafes around the place too, to be honest. I would definitely pay a tenner if it gave me a couple of cups of filter when sitting down for a meeting or a tenure answering emails and calls.



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