WGB: 2015 Laneway Roundup

With less than a week to go until Auckland Anniversary Weekend, it’s that time of year again. Which means that the city of sails gets to play host to St Jerome’s Laneway Festival. Sprawled against the beautiful backdrop of the Auckland waterfront, Silo Park will be graced with a selection of some of the most eclectic artists the music industry has to offer. What better way to spend a Monday afternoon than being serenaded by brother-sister duo Angus & Julia Stone or getting sweaty to Rustie.
With only a single day to soak up thirty-two musicians, conflicting sets abound, time is of the essence. We’ve compiled a list of artists you must see and can’t-miss. So maximize your time, stay hydrated, party hard, and enjoy a day of fantastic music before you have to return to the doldrums of life.

cannot miss

Maryland band Future Islands are an infectious blend of synth-pop and alternative rock. Still hot off the heels of their 2014 LP Singles, Future Islands are guaranteed to get you grooving. Frontman Samuel T. Herring has a mesmerizing physical presence matched by the emotional inner workings of his songwriting. If their kinetic performance on Letterman is anything to go by, their set should be an interesting combination of feelings and non-stop motion.

cannot miss 

Canadian goofball Mac DeMarco is finally about to dignify New Zealand with his own loony brand of slacker rock. Silly but soberingly poignant, DeMarco’s music is a combination of unbridled youth and the dreariness of eventually confronting yourself, expect the performance to be fun but heartfelt. The only disappointment is the lack of Mac’s mother, Agnes DeMarco, who will unfortunately not be MC’ing the Auckland event. Be sure to smoke a cigarette to this one.

cannot miss 

Intoxicating left-field R&B weirdo FKA Twigs promises to be an alluringly good time. With an unflinching eroticism that harkens back to Queen of the Damned-era Aaliyah, Twigs crafted the incredible LP1, a record mired in sexiness and her unique emotionality, a powerful breath of fresh air to the contemporary R&B scene. Front and center with her talent as a dancer and backed by amazing production from the enigmatic Arca, Twigs’s set will no doubt be the oddly-enticing highlight of your day.

cannot miss 

Some call her loveably eccentric, others overly pretentious, either way, Annie Clark, otherwise known as St. Vincent, is one of the most electrifying artists on the bill. Still coming off her phenomenal self titled album, Clark is renowned for her unconventional stage presence. An amazing guitarist and a beautifully shrill vocalist, St. Vincent promises to be a thundering display of art rock. Be sure not to miss her ability to perform the robot.

cannot miss

Armed with his Layer-3 three dimensional stage setup, Steve Ellison aka Flying Lotus will be blasting through some of the finest beats of the past decade. From Los Angeles to You’re Dead!, prepare to be transported into something otherworldly. If you’re planning on tripping, or if you have epilepsy, ready yourself to be confronted by some of the flashiest visuals on the live scene today.

must see

Be sure to catch the incredible Jon Hopkins, an incredibly refined and melodic electronic music artist. An unbelievably skilled live performer, Hopkins can work a set of MIDIs like no other.

must see

Definitely check out this trio of young grimy rap-cats straight out of New York. Energetic and assaulting, Ratking will be bringing that nitty gritty authenticity to Laneway to give you a taste of the big apple. Be sure not to miss one of the uniquest rap tracks of last year, Snowbeach, to bring cold to the hot summer.

must see 

Avantgarde singer songwriter Ariel Pink is a must see simply for the chance to witness him perform Round and Round. If 2014’s Pom Pom is anything to go by, be prepared to enjoy a wide breadth of oddball pop. Known to be somewhat of a drama queen on stage, be ready to potentially see him at his best or his worst. Either way, it’ll probably be entertaining.

must see

2014’s phenomenal Plowing Into the Field of Love is the second album by Danish post-punk rockers Iceage. Fronted by a collection of incredibly attractive young men, what they have in store is a collection of unrelentingly harsh and heavy love songs that will leave you head banging with a strong sense of disillusionment.

+be sure to support out our own local homegrown talent. Artists like:

 HEAVY with their off-kilter kind of stoner rap.
New Zealand stalwart CONNAN MOCCASIN (now a global hit but still hailing from Te Awanga) and his outlandish brand of psychedelic rock.
Catchy beat maker RACE BANYON and the Michael Jackson inspired LITERAL FUCK.