What The **** Are We Doing Here : : Art Infinitum

Bringing together a monumental fourteen artists, this Easter weekend we've had to whisper sweet goodbyes to the once-in-a-lifetime snapshot that was 'What The **** Are We Doing Here'.


Brainchild of our artist mates Sam Dean (The Seekers) and Bryan Anderson (You're Welcome Clothing), we were brought in to help rear the unruly creative elephant of an infant to its walking stages, hosting a monolithic Opening Night Party with 350-odd in attendance.



In case you missed it, the show looked a whole lot like a curation of some of the latest and greatest local talents you'd be so lucky to stumble upon.


If a picture tells a thousand words, a video speed-talks through the dictionary of its subject, and with the moving images featured above, we hope to have captured a fragment of the essence of what was.


These are the glory days, kids. Support your local artists; chuck your two cents into the history books of these soon-to-be titans of industry.


Shout outs to Karma Cola, Allpress, and TIPS for the love and support.


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