What's Good in Music? Five Tracks You Really Should Listen to


As predicted, I forgot to do my post on tunes for your weekend!

But it was a bit of a loose one, we opened up our new venue Platform and threw a gig with Sweat It Out badman Acaddamy. I guess I can be forgiven.

To hopefully redeem myself here are some wicked records that you may not have necessarily heard before or would normally listen to, but in my opinion, are truly incredible pieces of music. Expand your horizons, that's what music is all about, the further you go down the proverbial rabbit hole, the better it tends to get ;)

Aight, here we go...


Detroit Swindle - The Wrap Around

Anyone who was at Cassette earlier this year for this gig will know just how fuuuuucking incredible these guys are. The Wrap Around is soulful and smooth but with just so much attitude and swagger. It's just really cool? Ya Know?

The boys are also huge Fat Freddy's fans and have said in the past that they would love the chance to remix one of their songs or get in to the studio with Joe Dukie.


S.P.Y - Back to Basics (Ft. Diane Charlemagne)

And now to send you to the complete other end of the spectrum, here is one of the most insane new drum and bass tunes I've heard in a very, very long time.

S.P.Y is one of the most talented producers in the world, hands down. His new album, of which this track carries the title, is a masterpiece. Fusing gentle piano rolls, sharp percussion and one hell of a jungle driven bassline, This is one dutty as all hell tune.

And Diane Charlemagne, wow.


RÜFÜS / RÜFÜS DU SOL - We Left (Night Version)

Get to know RÜFÜS, they're wicked cool and they're coming here soon.

We left was the first track the Aussie group actually ever wrote, and the Night Version is a revisited attempt at the track made 3 years ago. It's so floaty and ethereal yet once again, the bassline comes to the party and absolutely defines this song during the chorus. Theres a lot going on sonically in this track yet it's all melded together so incredibly well. Check out their other track Sundream too. SO GOOD.


Recloose - Don't Get Me Wrong

This is house music at its absolute finest. The man from Stateside, now living here in little old NZ, this one from Recloose is an absolute gem. No more words can really do this justice. Just listen and enjoy.


Alex Clare- War Rages On (Etherwood Remix)

I'll give you all a little hint, Etherwood is going to be a major player in the DNB world, very, very soon. Already the poster artist for Hospital Records' sister label Med School, this guy is bringing a level of musicality and production experimentation that is going to help keep the evolution of the genre moving on the right path.

This is mellow and liquid and perfect and epic as shit. Give it a spin will ya?

Hope you have a sick one! Come watch me play at Danny Byrd this Sunday @ Platform.


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