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Kate Shepherd rocks, literally, in the punk musical That Bloody Woman at SkyCity Theatre this week. A joint ATC and The Court Theatre production is following up rave reviews in Christchurch with a transfer to the mainstage. They open on Saturday with previews from Thursday.


Sham, Jess Sayer’s new play, is on at The Basement and getting very good reviews – not as dark as expected but still sharp, nuanced and true featuring a glamorous but fading musical star. It continues till Friday because on Saturday, the Dragons are back. Now, if you missed them during Pride, where it seems they ran amok in the Spiegeltent during the Arts Festival (the mind boggles - tell me more!) the idea is that a celebrity gets dragged up by a professional Queen and has to perform. It sounds a laugh – I admit! The Basement is also celebrating potatoes this week with Andrew Gunn’s Potato Stamp Megalomaniac. There is a synth playing potatoes. Honestly I have no idea. This is the WEEK TO TAKE A CHANCE. Or if not, try Snort or Down to Clown, and it seems also the lovely Sam Brooks is doing workshops too.


Evita continues at the Bruce Mason Theatre and has been getting very good reviews. The set may be limited but the performers are not. The Auckland Music Theatre may be an amateur company but the company members have a tradition of moving on to great things, so catch them while you can.


So rock musicals, musical potatoes, musical queens. What’s not to like?  



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