"What's Hot and What's Not" w. Rebe

Who are you and what do you do?

Rebe. I’m a marine student, blogger at rebesrunway.com & xynz.co.nz, also the social media gal for ANdREA MOORE.


What influences your style?

I’m definitely influenced by the people around me and who I’ve worked with, other bloggers, photographers, tumblr; I’m always collecting images and putting mood boards together, I love the ocean and the lifestyle associated with living near it, menswear – I think girls can learn a lot from the guys, places I go, the outdoors, the 70s, French cinema, my mood.


Name some of your indispensable items?

At the moment, my black denim Rollas Overalls are my go to, perfect for conquering life in. I live in my docs. Also can’t beat a clean white tee and vintage Levis.


Fashion and style, what’s the difference?

Everyone has his or hers personal style or flare, whether it’s how they write, how they paint, take photos, dress, eat, live! Fashion is only a subset of style.


What are some staple pieces for a guy’s wardrobe?

The cleanest of clean white tees and good denim.


What sort of style do you like on guys?

Guys have it so much easier then girls! I get super jealous of how easy it is for them to look I guess ‘cool’ and polished without trying as hard! I like simple and clean, but a little roughed up around the edges. The classics that I mention above are always a must. I’m also into coastal/urban style for both guys and girls, surfer boy moves to the city and joins a band sort of feel if you can visualise that. I do love a good backwards cap.


What should guys just not be seen in?

Pleather. White socks. Purple.


Who is someone who you believe possesses great style?

Dylan Rieder, says every girl ever. and also my boyfriend.



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