Winter Dose - Skizzy Mars

When have you last experienced a rapper that is fully influenced by dreams and what’s around them, with the sustenance of alternative rap? Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Skizzy (fucking) Mars: a 21-year-old rapper from Manhattan, New York that has caused a scene in the States, but missed by the greater population due to a lack of marketing and record label support. Regardless of missing the spotlight, Skizzy is coming up far faster than critics predicted. Recognition on other continents has spread like a wildfire, all provoked by his (debut) thought-filled track titled Douchebag

Things are slowly beginning to turn in his favour. Dropping out of College (in 2011) after 10 weeks, Skizzy embraced the life of reasonably stereotypical  rapper/song-singer, which he goes to talk about in his Pay For You; “I’m Miles Mills, I’m just a rapper and I’m tryna make a mil,” a song that features another dope rapper with the alias of G-Eazy. 

Prior to this calm and catchy track, “Cheer Up” broke out. To be exact, it broke the hearts of thousands of girls’. This mood-song is based upon treating a woman right, and cheering them up when they are down. The Skizzy-beat-filled song has a special place in hearts of many of my female friends. The music video he put together articulates the thought process around the song, showing him dealing with a past girl friend.

Then Skizzy complied PHASES, which more of an experience than an album, meaing it’s hella dope.Its not really something for the club as its more of a piece to chill out and tune into, with the aid of some vapour, if you fancy. Personally, I haven’t experienced music like this, from this era – solid lyricisms with heartfelt instrumentals and his vocals make you wanna sing along to all the tracks. The 14-track tape with previously-released singles "15" and "Nostalgia (Interlude)," has features by G-Eazy, Conner Youngblood and Sterling Fox.  Dropped in 2013, it shook the music scene, thus enabling this young genius to start touring. 

Re-listening to the tracks, I see why i love this so much - the beats are catchy (yet simple), the vocals are super sick and easy to tune into, the production quality is on par with what major labels release. If you do ever listen to this album, do it while you chilling in a penthouse – it’ll enhance the experience. 

Speaking of Penthouses, Skizzy’s songs go under the Penthouse Music Group. The logo for it is simple and aesthetically pleasing. I still wonder why he hasn’t made a successful clothing label, to this date! I would be fucking all over that shit, like a fat kid with a candy bar.

Not even a year has passed since PHASES dropped; but this talent dropped his long anticipated LP album titled PACE (released in March 4, 2014), which is a sequel to the first, literally about pacing himself with everything he is affiliated with: from women, to stress, his success as an artist, but not including his ‘medicine’, though. Skizzy’s ‘medicine’ is his only escape from problems, which is portrayed throughout his album. The blog approved track, “All Say” starts another feel packed experience for his listeners – while having next to nil artists featured in this album, Skizzy is able to get on a 1-on-1 level with his listeners about his life. Was this intentional? Regardless, it’s a good approach. 

Throughout PACES, Skizzy depict show easily he can craft a catchy chorus while accompanying it with smooth lyricism. His hip-hop/rap based album has a mix of his influences: The Killers, Frank Ocean, Beirut and the one and only Kanye West, which transmutes the sound into something of originality. Skizzy with PACE established himself as an artist not to be messed with in this music industry, and proved that he has originality by completing a quality body of work at the age of 20. Inevitably this made him one of the most established artists on the come-up (pretty much in the same bowl as Vic Mensa, Chance The Rapper, Jon Bellion and the like).

This extremely impressive body of songs is something to cop ASAP. I could write about it for days, but I’d much rather you experience it for yourself at, and to this date, I listen to him wherever I go. To me, Skizzy is the underrated rapper of 2014.


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