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If you've been on the What's Good buzz for a while, you'll know Soltree (a.k.a Solomon Bagley). We first stumbled upon his music in a Soundcloud spiral mid-2015. At the time, we hit Sol up, and discovered that behind the chillwave was a backstory riddled with adventure (like when his parents whisked him to Australia's desert at seven years old, and he skipped school to try make a buck singing to tourists).


Across the following year, he would release multiple singles (including this banger of a cover of Future's Rich Sex), play at debut of both The Goods and Kingsland Block Party, and further whittle his cloud-rap craft to perfection.



Photography by Kingsley Attwood


And thus, the world's been gifted with his first EP, a self-titled atmospheric masterpiece. Featuring artwork by Yesterday's Tomorrow's Braden Gordon, the pair collaborated on an idea of illustrating harmony between humanity and nature - culminating in Braden's sketch-portrait of Sol, his face addled with un-earthed civilisation. Its aesthetic sets the tone of an EP dreamt up to take you on a journey.



The tracklisting navigates a journey to an enlightment of sorts - opening with a childlike wonder and playfulness, transitioning song-by-song through crippling anxiety and addiction, to catharsis, self-reliance, eventually metamorphing into ultimate zen, radiating inner peace.


Featuring Sol on beat, vocals, and production, and Maya (a.k.a Meghan Glue) on backing vocals and violin, the cohesive project is as starkly minimalistic and visceral as the talent behind it.


Tune in via Soundcloud, or listen directly via the embed above.

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