The Advantages of a Rimless Toilet

Rimless toilets can appear a little alien to the average homeowner but they offer many advantages. In addition to offering a more comprehensive vortex flush, they are easier to clean.

This is because the space where bacteria and limescale build up under the rim is eliminated. A quick wipe down with your favourite disinfectant is all it takes to keep them hygienic.

Easy to Clean

From the outside, a rimless toilet looks just like a standard loo. However, the key difference is that they’re far easier to clean. With a traditional toilet, the hard-to-reach space under the rim can build up with germs and limescale. Rimless toilets eliminate this issue by removing the space. This means that wiping the inside of your toilet is all that’s needed to keep it clean and hygienic.

Rimless toilets also tend to use a direct flush technique which shoots water around the entire bowl, rather than just the boxed rim. This helps to wash away any remaining debris much more effectively.

This means that your toilet will be easier to clean, and will also help to prevent a build-up of harmful bacteria. It’s fair to say that no one loves cleaning their toilet, so any design element that makes it less of a chore is a welcome addition!

Saves Water

When it comes to bathroom design trends, rimless toilets are one of the latest innovations. They’ve been on the market for a few years now and have evolved from being somewhat of a novelty to a toilet design that offers a number of advantages, both in terms of hygiene and energy consumption.

Rimless toilets remove the area where bacteria, limescale and other nastiness accumulate under the rim of traditional toilets. This makes them a far more hygienic choice than their traditional counterparts, which can harbour up to 235,143 colony-forming units of bacteria.

Rimless WCs also offer a better flush performance. This is because water flows directly into the bowl during a flush, rather than dispersing through distributed rim holes that merely wet the surface of the pan. Our rimless Elementi Uno toilet, for example, achieves a 4 Star WELS rating with a 3 litre half-flush and 4.5 litre full-flush – that’s potentially 50% less water use than the same flush in traditional rimmed designs.

Easy to Install

Rimless toilet suites are becoming increasingly popular due to the great benefits they offer. They are easy to clean, save water and work more efficiently than traditional toilets. They also look much more modern and sophisticated.

Rim-free bowls minimise the build up of germs and odours in hard-to-reach areas, giving a hygienic day-to-day experience. Using a bowl brush or sponge to clean the entire surface of your toilet suite is just as simple with these new designs.

The rim of traditional toilets traps grime, bacteria and odours which can cause mould and mildew. With a rimless design, these germs are washed away with the water, providing a more sanitary everyday bathroom experience.

Rimless toilets are available in a wide range of styles to suit any bathroom design. They are also easy to install as they connect the same way as traditional toilet suites. They are even more affordable than you might think as they can be found at all price points.

Reduces Noise

When water re-enters the tank after flushing, it can produce noises as it flows in and around the valve. The amount of noise generated can be influenced by the size of the inlet valve, water pressure and design of the tank.

With a rimless toilet, the tank is less likely to make this noise as the cistern is concealed so that it doesn’t create a gap or crevice where water can flow into and cause refilling noises. This is particularly true of back to wall rimless toilet suites which are affixed directly to the bathroom wall and have the cistern built into the wall or piece of furniture for a clean, modern aesthetic.

The nozzles on these types of rimless toilets also create a powerful flush that cleans all corners of the bowl without creating a gap where bacteria can hide and limescale build up. This direct flushing action uses less water too which is great for saving money on your electricity bill and helping to conserve water – good for the environment and your wallet!

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