The History and Evolution of Baby Crib Mobiles

Baby crib mobiles have been a cherished addition to nurseries for centuries, captivating infants with their gentle movements and soothing melodies. While modern mobiles are often equipped with high-tech features, their origins are deeply rooted in ancient traditions. Let’s take a journey through the history and evolution of baby crib mobiles to understand how they have transformed over time.

Ancient Beginnings

Ancient Civilizations: The concept of hanging objects above a baby’s sleeping area can be traced back to ancient civilizations. In ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, parents would hang objects made of clay, wood, or fabric above cradles to protect infants from evil spirits and bad luck. These early mobiles were believed to have protective and soothing properties.

Spiritual Significance: In various cultures, mobiles were also imbued with spiritual significance. In some Native American tribes, for example, dreamcatchers were hung above cradles to catch bad dreams and allow good ones to pass through. These early mobiles were more than just decorative; they held deep cultural and spiritual meanings.

Medieval and Renaissance Eras

Handmade Craftsmanship: During the medieval and Renaissance periods, the tradition of hanging objects above cradles continued. Mobiles were often handmade by family members, using materials readily available in their environment. These mobiles featured simple designs, such as dangling pieces of cloth or carved wooden figures.

Artistic Expression: The Renaissance era brought a heightened appreciation for art and craftsmanship. Mobiles became more elaborate, incorporating intricate designs and high-quality materials. These mobiles were not only functional but also works of art that reflected the artistic sensibilities of the time.

19th and Early 20th Centuries

Industrial Revolution: The Industrial Revolution in the 19th century brought significant changes to the production of baby mobiles. Mass production techniques made mobiles more accessible to a broader audience. Metal and glass became popular materials, allowing for more intricate and durable designs.

Victorian Influence: During the Victorian era, baby mobiles often featured elaborate designs with themes inspired by nature, fairy tales, and mythology. These mobiles were adorned with delicate ornaments, such as porcelain figurines and glass beads, creating a whimsical and enchanting nursery environment.

Mid to Late 20th Century

Modern Innovations: The mid-20th century saw a surge in innovation and creativity in the design of baby mobiles. The introduction of plastic revolutionized mobile manufacturing, allowing for lightweight, colorful, and affordable options. This period also saw the emergence of musical mobiles, which played lullabies and soothing sounds.

Educational Focus: By the late 20th century, the focus shifted towards the educational benefits of mobiles. Researchers began to understand the importance of visual and auditory stimulation for infant development. Mobiles were designed to enhance visual tracking, color recognition, and cognitive skills, incorporating features like high-contrast patterns and interactive elements.

21st Century and Beyond

High-Tech Features: In the 21st century, baby mobiles have embraced technological advancements. Many modern mobiles come equipped with features like remote controls, light projectors, and customizable soundtracks. These high-tech mobiles offer convenience and versatility, allowing parents to create a soothing and engaging environment for their baby.

Eco-Friendly Options: As environmental awareness grows, there has been a significant shift towards eco-friendly baby products. Modern mobiles are now available in sustainable materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled plastics. These eco-friendly options reflect a growing commitment to sustainability and the well-being of future generations.

Customization and Personalization: Today, parents have the option to customize and personalize their baby’s mobile to match their nursery theme and personal preferences. From DIY kits to bespoke handmade mobiles, the possibilities are endless. This trend reflects a desire to create a unique and meaningful nursery environment for each child.


The history and evolution of baby crib mobiles reveal a fascinating journey from ancient protective charms to modern high-tech devices. Throughout the centuries, mobiles have served as both functional and decorative items, reflecting cultural beliefs, artistic expression, and technological advancements. Today, baby mobiles continue to captivate and soothe infants, offering a blend of tradition and innovation. As parents, we can appreciate the rich history of these beloved nursery staples and choose mobiles that not only entertain but also support our babies’ development and well-being.

Creating the Perfect Makeup Vanity with LED Mirrors

A well-designed makeup vanity is essential for anyone who enjoys the art of makeup or simply wants a dedicated space for their daily beauty routine. LED mirrors are a key component of creating a makeup vanity that not only looks great but is highly functional. Here’s how to integrate LED mirrors into your vanity setup to achieve the perfect makeup station.

1. Choose the Right LED Mirror

The first step in creating your makeup vanity is to select the right LED mirror. Consider the size and shape that best fits your space and needs. A rectangular or large square LED mirror provides a broad viewing area, which is excellent for viewing your entire face and upper body. Round mirrors can add a stylish touch and work well in smaller spaces. Look for mirrors with adjustable lighting so you can see how your makeup will look in different environments, from daylight to artificial light.

2. Optimize Lighting

Good lighting is crucial for accurate makeup application. LED mirrors come with built-in lights that offer a range of lighting options. Choose a mirror with adjustable settings so you can change the intensity and color temperature of the light. This mimics natural light as closely as possible, which is the best type of light for makeup application because it provides true color accuracy and reduces shadows.

3. Consider Smart Features

Many modern LED mirrors include smart features that can enhance your makeup application experience. Look for mirrors with touch-screen controls, dimming capabilities, and memory functions that save your preferred settings. Some LED mirrors also come with additional features like Bluetooth speakers to play music or make-up tutorials, and USB ports to charge your devices, adding convenience and functionality to your vanity.

4. Ensure Proper Placement

The placement of your LED mirror is just as important as the mirror itself. The mirror should be positioned where it gets the least interference from natural light, which can cause glare or uneven lighting. It should also be at eye level to ensure that you can sit comfortably while doing your makeup. If your vanity is in a darker part of the room, make sure the LED light is powerful enough to compensate for the lack of natural light.

5. Add Organizational Features

To maximize the functionality of your makeup vanity, incorporate organizational features around your LED mirror. Install shelves, drawers, or organizers to keep makeup, brushes, and other beauty tools within reach but neatly stored away. This not only helps keep your space tidy but also ensures that you can find everything quickly, making your beauty routine more efficient.

6. Make It Personal

Finally, personalize your makeup vanity to reflect your style and needs. Choose a color scheme and design elements that make the space inviting and enjoyable to use. You might add a luxurious chair that complements your decor, stylish containers for brushes and cosmetics, or artwork that inspires you. Personal touches will make the space truly yours and enhance the pleasure of using your makeup vanity daily.

Creating the perfect makeup vanity with an LED mirror at its heart combines functionality with personal style. By choosing the right mirror, optimizing your lighting, and adding personalized organizational features, you can create a space that not only looks beautiful but also enhances your daily makeup routine, making it a delightful and efficient experience.

Roof Wash Auckland – Protect Your Home From Unsightly Microorganisms

New Zealand’s lush and temperate climate provides a perfect breeding ground for a variety of unsightly microorganisms that can take root on your roof and exterior walls. While they don’t typically pose health risks to homeowners, they can lead to structural damage if left unchecked.

In addition to detracting from your property’s aesthetic appeal, moss and lichen can damage the integrity of your roof and shorten its lifespan.


Mould is a common issue in New Zealand due to the country’s high rainfall and humidity. It thrives in damp conditions and releases spores into the air that can cause respiratory problems, exacerbate allergies, and aggravate asthma symptoms. The spores can also deteriorate building materials over time, creating structural issues.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent the growth of mould on your home’s exterior and interior surfaces. For example, dry washing clothes outside rather than inside on a clothes horse, and fixing water leaks as soon as they occur. It’s also important to regularly clean your roof and exterior surfaces, and prune nearby trees to reduce shade.

Moss, mould and lichen can grow on exposed exterior walls and surfaces when they’re damp for extended periods of time. Keeping these surfaces dry will help them last longer and maintain their aesthetic appeal. Alternatively, a commercial grade moss, mould and lichen treatment can be applied to prevent future growth.


New Zealand’s lush, temperate climate provides the perfect conditions for a variety of organisms to grow on and around homes. While moss, algae, and lichen do not pose health risks to homeowners, they can be unsightly and cause damage to the surface of the roof over time. In addition, moss and algae can cause slippery surfaces, making them dangerous for those who are walking on the surface. Lichen is a unique organism that consists of fungi and algae in a symbiotic relationship.


The battle against unsightly moss, mould and lichen on your roof and exterior walls is constant in New Zealand’s climate. While they don’t pose any immediate health risks, if left unchecked they can cause serious damage to your home, potentially leading to leaks and structural failure.

Lichen causes severe damage to protective factory coatings and is extremely difficult to remove with water blast cleaning alone. The 3000 to 4000 psi water pressure used to remove this type of growth can actually damage the surface. Waterblasting is also not a permanent solution, as the lichen will regrow immediately from the residue of the cleaner.

A simple spray on application of an outdoor cleaner such as Bio-Shield will kill the lichen and allow the surface to clean up naturally with rainfall for up to 12 months without the need for water blast cleaning or scrubbing. It is best applied on a cloudy day to assist with a quicker kill.

Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning is the process of removing dirt, organic material, and contaminants from a roof’s surface. It can be done through several methods, including power washing, chemical treatments, and manual scrubbing. A clean roof can improve your property’s curb appeal and extend its lifespan.

Moss, lichen and algae can damage your roof. Left untreated, they can lead to leaks and deteriorate the structural integrity of your home. Regular roof cleaning and a moss treatment spray helps prevent this and saves you the cost of a premature roof replacement.

Our Benzylamonium Chloride solution saturates your roof and kills the spores of moss & lichen, leaving it clean and dry and allowing rain to naturally assist in the removal. We can spray this at the same time as a roof wash Auckland or in conjunction with it. PROS Instant and effective, no water blasting (so less risk for your house), gutters can be washed at the same time.

The Advantages of a Rimless Toilet

Rimless toilets can appear a little alien to the average homeowner but they offer many advantages. In addition to offering a more comprehensive vortex flush, they are easier to clean.

This is because the space where bacteria and limescale build up under the rim is eliminated. A quick wipe down with your favourite disinfectant is all it takes to keep them hygienic.

Easy to Clean

From the outside, a rimless toilet looks just like a standard loo. However, the key difference is that they’re far easier to clean. With a traditional toilet, the hard-to-reach space under the rim can build up with germs and limescale. Rimless toilets eliminate this issue by removing the space. This means that wiping the inside of your toilet is all that’s needed to keep it clean and hygienic.

Rimless toilets also tend to use a direct flush technique which shoots water around the entire bowl, rather than just the boxed rim. This helps to wash away any remaining debris much more effectively.

This means that your toilet will be easier to clean, and will also help to prevent a build-up of harmful bacteria. It’s fair to say that no one loves cleaning their toilet, so any design element that makes it less of a chore is a welcome addition!

Saves Water

When it comes to bathroom design trends, rimless toilets are one of the latest innovations. They’ve been on the market for a few years now and have evolved from being somewhat of a novelty to a toilet design that offers a number of advantages, both in terms of hygiene and energy consumption.

Rimless toilets remove the area where bacteria, limescale and other nastiness accumulate under the rim of traditional toilets. This makes them a far more hygienic choice than their traditional counterparts, which can harbour up to 235,143 colony-forming units of bacteria.

Rimless WCs also offer a better flush performance. This is because water flows directly into the bowl during a flush, rather than dispersing through distributed rim holes that merely wet the surface of the pan. Our rimless Elementi Uno toilet, for example, achieves a 4 Star WELS rating with a 3 litre half-flush and 4.5 litre full-flush – that’s potentially 50% less water use than the same flush in traditional rimmed designs.

Easy to Install

Rimless toilet suites are becoming increasingly popular due to the great benefits they offer. They are easy to clean, save water and work more efficiently than traditional toilets. They also look much more modern and sophisticated.

Rim-free bowls minimise the build up of germs and odours in hard-to-reach areas, giving a hygienic day-to-day experience. Using a bowl brush or sponge to clean the entire surface of your toilet suite is just as simple with these new designs.

The rim of traditional toilets traps grime, bacteria and odours which can cause mould and mildew. With a rimless design, these germs are washed away with the water, providing a more sanitary everyday bathroom experience.

Rimless toilets are available in a wide range of styles to suit any bathroom design. They are also easy to install as they connect the same way as traditional toilet suites. They are even more affordable than you might think as they can be found at all price points.

Reduces Noise

When water re-enters the tank after flushing, it can produce noises as it flows in and around the valve. The amount of noise generated can be influenced by the size of the inlet valve, water pressure and design of the tank.

With a rimless toilet, the tank is less likely to make this noise as the cistern is concealed so that it doesn’t create a gap or crevice where water can flow into and cause refilling noises. This is particularly true of back to wall rimless toilet suites which are affixed directly to the bathroom wall and have the cistern built into the wall or piece of furniture for a clean, modern aesthetic.

The nozzles on these types of rimless toilets also create a powerful flush that cleans all corners of the bowl without creating a gap where bacteria can hide and limescale build up. This direct flushing action uses less water too which is great for saving money on your electricity bill and helping to conserve water – good for the environment and your wallet!

Mini Sex Doll

Satisfy your endless fantasies and perverted desires with this pocket pussy. This beauty is crafted with body-safe TPE material for maximum realism and features squishy N-Cup breasts that are perfect for sucking.

While most life-sized love dolls have three holes – mouth, anal and pussy, this model only has one – the tight anal hole. That makes it easy to customize according to your needs and preferences.

1. Easy to store

Smaller love dolls are lighter in weight, which makes them easier to carry and store. Additionally, they often come with a storage box or pouch that helps keep them protected and safe.

There is no shortage of people who could benefit from a sex doll, from single men to couples with physical or mental ailments that leave them isolated. But there is also a stigma surrounding the use of such devices that stifles many potential buyers.

Fortunately, most doll manufacturers allow you to customize your doll by choosing different heads for the body. This allows you to find the head and body that best matches your fetishes and needs. Moreover, you can switch heads as often as you like to change the experience and have new adventures with your doll.

2. Easy to clean

If your sex doll has an open mouth or vagina, it’s important to clean her after each use. This will help prevent the buildup of bacteria and other harmful substances. You can wash the doll with a mild antibacterial soap and warm water.

It’s also a good idea to use a lubricant with your sex doll. This will make it easier for you to cum inside her. You can find a variety of lubricants at your local toy store.

You should also be careful when clothing your doll. TPE and silicone sex dolls can easily absorb color from clothing, so it’s best to wear clothes that won’t transfer dye to the doll’s skin. It’s also a good idea to pre-wash any clothing you plan on using with your doll.

3. Easy to travel with

Sex dolls are lightweight and portable, making them easy to carry anywhere you want. Their small size makes them discreet and a popular choice for people who are looking to keep their love doll affair private.

Moreover, many sex doll lovers choose mini love dolls for their affordable price. They also have an attractive body shape and sexy curves. Besides, they are easier to put in demanding sexual positions, which makes sex with them enjoyable and orgasmic.

The material that sex dolls are made of is another factor to consider when shopping for one. The most common materials are silicone and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). However, some countries have banned TPE dolls that look like children to prevent them from being abused by children. The exact height or appearance that is considered child-like varies from country to country.

4. Always by your side

Sex dolls aren’t just for sexual gratification, but they can provide companionship to lonely individuals, especially those who suffer from mental or physical ailments. Their presence can help stave off loneliness, allowing people to bond with them emotionally and create memorable moments.

However, sex dolls require regular maintenance in order to keep them clean and prevent dangerous germs from growing inside the gel breasts and buttocks. This can be a huge burden, especially if you’re only using it infrequently.

Mini sex dolls are a great choice for those who want to enjoy their love dolls without having to worry about cleaning them frequently. They are also light in weight, making them easy to carry around and store. Their small size and delicate body make them perfect for a wide variety of sex positions. Their soft and smooth silicone or TPE skin give them a real woman’s feeling.

5. Easy to customize

One of the best things about lifelike sex dolls is that they are highly customizable. From the body color to the wig and eye color, you can change it all at will to create a doll that fits your personality and tastes perfectly.

Every sex doll also comes with a head that you can swap out to give your doll a new look at any time. There are many different styles of heads to choose from, including wigs and even implanted hair.

Angela is a shy beauty with an elegant face that’s complemented by a natural body made from a soft TPE material. She’s easy to move around during sex and she can easily be banged in your desired positions. Her sweet personality and petite body make her an excellent choice for first-time sex doll users.

Choosing a Deck and Patio Builder

A qualified patio and deck builder can help you choose the ideal style, size and construction materials for your outdoor space. Regional factors and personal preferences factor in, too.

A modern bach gets its wow factor from a sleek, louvered roof that adds shade all year round. The generous layout prioritises outdoor living.


Whether you’re building a new home or renovating, a well-designed deck is an effective way to create indoor/outdoor flow and add value. When searching for a contractor to build your deck, look for one with experience in construction and wood manufacturing. They should also have a good understanding of blueprints and plans, strong customer service skills, and the ability to meet deadlines.

Use word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family to find a Decks, Patios & Outdoor Enclosures pro in your area. Ask prospective contractors about their previous work and project sizes to gauge their experience level. Consider narrowing down your search to those with specific expertise in your preferred deck type, such as pool decks.

Known for its coastal enclave, green paradise and artisan-food scene, Matakana is an easy weekend getaway. Enjoy the village farmer’s market, nearby orchards and vineyards, and pretty cafe culture. Or, while away the day with a spot of sheep shearing at Sheepworld or a chocolate factory tour at The Chocolate Shop.


Decks and patios are usually a significant addition to a home, which means they require permits and inspections before construction. Your contractor will survey your site and consult with you to create a design that meets local codes and is structurally sound. He or she will also recommend the best materials for your climate and lifestyle, based on appearance and maintenance requirements.

This Matakana bach features a king size master bedroom, queen bed, two single beds in the sleepout and spacious living with expansive north facing decks. The design takes advantage of the tidal river and views over Orewa while addressing the site’s limitations including height to boundary controls.

A cladding system featuring vertical battens at even intervals – Abodo Vulcan in Protector Ebony – is a stylish choice for this home. It ties in well with the home’s existing timber windows and doors and is complemented by the natural stone used throughout the outdoor areas.


A deck or patio is an outdoor extension of your home. A professional will survey your Matakana, Auckland, New Zealand yard and home to recommend a layout and construction materials that meet your needs and budget. He or she will also discuss staining and finishing options.

Wood decking options include cedar, which ages to a soft gray and smells pleasant, or pressure-treated lumber, which starts at $2 per square foot. Another choice is kwila, a tropical hardwood that starts reddy-brown and fades to driftwood gray over time.

To prevent wildfires, many wood-based decking boards must pass a fire test to meet California building codes. Your local Decks, Patios & Outdoor Enclosures pro will discuss the results of these tests and help you choose a board that meets minimum performance requirements based on its flame spread, smoke generation, and flammability.


We stand behind our work and offer a two-year labor warranty on all projects. Many of the products we use have their own material warranties as well that are transferable when ownership of the property changes.

We will survey your Matakana area lot and home to come up with a deck design that complements your house, compliments your landscape, suits your lifestyle and is structurally sound. We will recommend sizes, heights and construction materials that are right for your climate and budget.

Woods like cedar and redwood require regular staining to maintain their beauty. Pressure-treated pine is affordable and rot resistant but may need staining as well. Composite and PVC decking are low maintenance but are expensive. Most of these decking materials have been around long enough for several warranty cycles and are covered by the manufacturer’s product warranties. The manufacturer’s care and cleaning recommendations must be followed to maintain your product warranty. These responsibilities will be spelled out in the written warranty from your chosen product.

Minimalism in Tiny Houses

People choose the tiny house lifestyle for a variety of reasons. Generally, they find that modern-day living doesn’t express their values or causes a conflict of interests.

Other reasons include saving money by using fewer utilities, having less clutter in their lives, and more time to travel or spend with family and friends. Many people build their own tiny homes or have them custom-built tailored to their needs.

Minimalist Aesthetic

The minimalist aesthetic can be applied to your life in many ways. Minimalism can help you save money, focus your attention, and achieve your goals by removing unnecessary clutter. It also encourages you to prioritize what truly matters to you.

The tiny house movement is closely linked with the minimalist lifestyle. With minimal building materials, reduced energy consumption and small square footage that prevents overcrowding, tiny houses are an ideal option for those looking to minimize their environmental impact.

A minimalist interior design features neutral color palettes, calming decor and accents inspired by nature. It’s a clean, spacious look that’s currently growing in popularity in homes around the world. You can easily achieve the minimalist aesthetic with a few simple changes to your home’s decor. Try adding a few plants with interesting textures, such as monstera and succulents, or invest in a stylish stand-alone closet to keep storage hidden and visually clean. A curated wardrobe of functional pieces can also help you achieve a minimalist aesthetic.

Maximize Functional Space

With the rise of the Marie Kondo craze, minimalist lifestyles, and the tiny house movement, it’s no secret that many people are starting to think about downsizing their lives. But moving to a small space doesn’t have to mean losing anything important, in fact, it could open up the door for more financial freedom and a life filled with purpose.

Creating a functional, minimalist home starts with minimizing clutter and storing items away. Categorize your belongings into distinct categories and question every item to decide if it’s worth keeping in your home. For example, if you don’t use something regularly or it doesn’t bring you joy, consider giving it to someone who will.

Once you have trimmed down your possessions, turn to innovative storage solutions for the remaining objects in your tiny house. Wall workstations, floating shelves, pegboards, and expandable tables offer plenty of customizable storage options for small spaces. Also, install large windows to allow for natural light throughout your home.

Minimalist Design

Minimalism in tiny houses is more than just about reducing clutter. It also encourages individuals to prioritize their needs and desires, and focus on the things that are most important in their lives. This can lead to a more purposeful lifestyle, and may even result in financial freedom.

When designing a tiny house, it’s crucial to consider the function of each space. For example, if you plan on incorporating windows in your design, you’ll need to consider the amount of light each window will provide and whether it will open or close. You’ll also need to factor in how these windows will interact with the climate where your tiny house will be located.

If you need extra space to store belongings that won’t fit in your tiny home, storage facilities like Extra Space Storage are available across the U.S. Contact a location near you for more information.

Hidden Storage

Embracing a tiny house lifestyle requires a lot of creativity and ingenuity when it comes to storage space. Many creative solutions include seating that doubles as storage for blankets, toys, books and other items. You can also install wall shelves for easy access to towels, washcloths and other essentials in the bathroom.

Other storage ideas include using the space under stairs for additional storage or installing a fold-down bed that can be used as a dining table at mealtime. A multipurpose bench seat that lifts to reveal storage is also a great option for storing longer items like mops, ski poles and other tools in the kitchen.

By focusing on only the most important possessions, people living in tiny houses can save time and energy while also finding greater financial freedom and a sense of fulfillment in their lives. This style of living encourages a reevaluation of what’s really important and enables a more conscious approach to life, both personal and professional.

Polystyrene Suppliers

Polystyrene (solid or foam) is a general-purpose thermoplastic based on the monomer styrene. It is inert and inexpensive per unit of weight.

It can be found in day-to-day items like the housing on your smoke detector, the CD case you bought your music in, and the red solo cups you drink from at a tailgate or a restaurant. Polystyrene is also a heat-insulating material in building materials.

Oriented Polystyrene (OPS)

You’re probably familiar with styrofoam packaging “peanuts” used to protect small items in shipping, and you may also have consumed food served from containers made from this substance. While non-toxic and odorless, this material is not biodegradable and can leach some of its chemical components into your food or drink.

OPS is a highly clear and strong commodity styrene polymer with good characteristics for heat shrinking and printing, with high rigidity and excellent transparency and gloss. It can be used for decorated shrink labels, envelope and folding carton windows, tamper-evident bands, promotional banding, flower sleeves and unique applications. It is also non-toxic and environmentally friendly. This product is suitable for fully automatic packaging machines and can be heat-shrunk at lower temperatures reducing energy costs. It’s also a perfect choice for frozen food packaging. Manufacturer of sheets, film and fabricated products in custom size, shape and thickness. Capabilities include sheet extrusion, converting, slitting and cutting. Serves aerospace, automotive, electronics, manufacturing, medical/dental and food production industries.

Extruded Polystyrene (XPS)

XPS insulation is a mid-range rigid board insulation product used in residential and commercial construction across all climates. It is a green product with low environmental impacts that has great physical properties. Unlike EPS, which is manufactured with beads that are expanded using heat and steam, XPS is extruded from solid PS beads. This results in a closed-cell insulation with no air voids and has a higher R value per inch.

XP boards are treated with fire retardants to minimize their flammability and spread of flame. They can also be modified to resist water absorption and prevent mold.

Similar to EPS, the R-value of XPS diminishes over time. This is due to a chemical called hydrochlorofluorocarbons that diffuses into the cellular structure of XPS insulation. Some manufacturers have begun to use blowing agents that don’t deplete the ozone layer, but this is not standard practice. ITW Insulation offers a range of XPS insulation products from different manufacturers, each with their own color to distinguish the brand.

Crystal Polystyrene (CPS)

Polystyrene is a thermoset material (that becomes solid at the temperature of its melting point) that’s made by heating styrene monomer, which reacts to form long-chain molecules of the same size. It is typically used in combination with a blowing agent like iso- or n-Pentane, which gives it its low density and clear appearance.

Styrene is an aromatic molecule that smells a bit like toluene or benzene, and it contains two carbon atoms in the side chain instead of just one. This gives the molecule an unsaturated double bond and makes it reactive. It can be made into a plastic by linking together thousands of these molecules into polystyrene. The most common forms of PS are orientated and extruded crystal grades, which are used in injection molded laboratory and diagnostic labware, devices, housewares, office accessories and food packaging. This brittle plastic is also converted into foamed sheets by extrusion. It is sold in a variety of colors.

High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)

HIPS, a variant of general purpose polystyrene suppliers with rubber additives, is used in low-heat manufacturing processes. It is commonly molded into products like packaging, point-of-sale displays, signs and countertops. Its strong impact resistance and ease of fabrication make it a popular choice for a variety of applications.

It is also FDA-compliant, making it popular in kitchenware and houseware applications, especially food packaging. HIPS is easily thermoformed, and can be printed using digital, screen, lithographic, or offset printing methods. It is easy to paint and glue and can be cut into many different shapes and sizes.

Northland Plastics extrudes standard and custom profiles out of high-impact polystyrene, as well as oriented and expandable. Available in sheets, runners, pellets, regrind and scrap, they serve customers across the US. Their fabrication capabilities include cutting, routing, drilling, bending and polishing. They are a trusted supplier of materials for printing, sign, countertop template and kiosk applications. They can also create custom materials and parts for your project.

How to Choose a Wellington Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day only happens once, so it’s important to hire a Wellington wedding photographer who will capture all of the precious moments and emotions of your special day. This will ensure that your day is well documented and will last a lifetime.

Lucalia Photography specialises in capturing authentic reactions and intimate moments on your wedding day. They also offer videography services to help you remember your big day.

Cath Fitzgerald Photography

When choosing a Wellington wedding photographer, you want to make sure that they’re experienced and professional. They should also have the latest equipment and be up to date on photography techniques. Additionally, it’s important to understand their packages and prices before booking.

Capturing the authentic moments that make your day so special is what Cath Fitzgerald Photography loves to do. She is a member of the NZIPP, which guarantees quality and professionalism.

Lucalia Photography specializes in capturing genuine reactions and emotions with a relaxed documentary approach. They’re based in New Zealand and available for worldwide weddings. They offer a variety of packages that include digital and print photos. Their rates start at $4000. They are also able to create cinematic wedding films. To get to their studio in Tawa South, use Moovit’s all-in-one transit app.

Jo Moore Photographer

Jo Moore Photographer has been around for more than a decade, and her passion for love is evident in the way she captures wedding photos. Her work showcases the day as it unfolds, capturing all those authentic moments that bring your story to life. She understands that every couple is unique and offers convenient packages that can be customised to suit your specific needs.

The team at Auburn Photography is a group of artists that adores weddings and loves connecting with her clients to ensure a seamless experience. Their work is an artistic fusion of photojournalism and modern style, spotting all those little details that make your story so special – from a sideways glance to a horse laugh. Their goal is to create a photographic legacy that you can cherish forever.

Michelle Davies Photography

With a focus on the real and authentic, Michelle Davies Photography seeks out those small moments – a sideways glance, a giggle or a hug. She is a photojournalist at heart, but can also incorporate lightly posed portraits into your day if desired.

Her work centres on real happiness, and she works tirelessly to preserve those genuine moments in her photographs, guaranteeing your wedding story is stunning. She also offers a pre-wedding meeting to ensure she understands you and your vision for your big day.

Located in Palmerston North, a team of talented wedding photographers and videographers at V Visual Wedding Video + Photography craft cinematic wedding films to help you remember your big day. They are available for bookings across New Zealand. Their style is both contemporary and classical, with a strong emphasis on storytelling.

Kent Chua Photography

Kent Chua Photography is a professional wedding photographer that provides a wide range of services. They specialize in destination weddings and elopements and will help you capture the most important moments on your big day. They work with each client to understand their unique preferences and create a customized photography experience.

Jo Moore Photographer is another talented Wellington wedding photographer who can capture real-time moments that you might not even notice. Her hawk-like eye can catch the slightest expression, from a yawn to a horse laugh. She also knows how to put couples at ease in front of the camera.

Tabitha Woods is an art-loving photographer who wants to give her clients a timeless beauty in their wedding photos. She has a natural photojournalistic style and loves dabbling in all mediums of visual art. She is friendly and dependable, helping her clients feel at ease during their big day.

KawKawKins Photography

KawKawKins Photography is a Wellington wedding photographer that believes your day should be captured in the way you’ll look back on it years later. They use natural light, gorgeous colours and beautiful black-and-white images to tell your story. They also offer videography packages so you can relive your special day again and again.

They are inspired by clean lines, negative space, beautiful architecture, photojournalism and real connections. They love working with couples to capture their big day in a fun and relaxed way.

She believes that every love story is unique and that client connection is key to capturing authentic emotion. Her dreamy, natural style is the perfect match for those looking for photos that show depth and meaning beyond the surface. She can balance the excitement of a giant party with the quiet moments of romance and create a stunning picture story that’s truly you.

Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are a sophisticated masturbatory tool that can be used to explore sexual fantasies and desires without the risks of STIs or unprotected sexual encounters. They’re also cost-effective, customizable and convenient.

The best sex dolls feature premium TPE and silicone materials that feel realistic against your skin. They come in different shapes and sizes, making them suitable for people with a variety of needs.

Butt Dolls

If a full-body doll isn’t your thing or you want a risk-free masturbation experience, butt dolls (also known as dildos or pocket pussies) are a great option. These sex toys typically include a penis, anus and buttocks that may or may not be penetrable and are designed to mimic the size of a human genital.

They’re usually available in either TPE or silicone, with the latter considered the best and most premium material. It’s non-porous, repels odours and is designed to last a lifetime with regular cleaning.

TPE is softer and cheaper than silicone, but it’s porous so can harbour bacteria. It’s also prone to losing its shape and break down over time. Campaigners slammed the toy, which is set to go on sale ahead of this year’s Miss Bumbum beauty pageant in Brazil, saying it will frustrate girls and lead them to seek invasive plastic surgery to make their bottoms larger. Feminist group Sexuality and Health Collective in Sao Paulo said the doll reinforces stereotypes of women.

Full-Body Dolls

Full-body dolls are a growing trend in the adult toy industry. They are made from high-quality silicone material that looks and feels incredibly realistic to the touch. They are designed to look like real people, with detailed facial features and even genitalia.

These dolls are perfect for those who want to experience the feeling of a real pregnancy. However, it is important to note that these dolls should not be used irresponsibly. They should be displayed in a safe place and kept away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, as these can damage the dolls’ delicate features. Also, it is recommended to keep these dolls away from children.

Torso Dolls

If you want a realistic sex doll torso, look for one made of silicone or TPE. These materials can be cleaned very well and are also heat-resistant. They can feel more like real skin than vinyl or latex, and good ones have a jiggle and/or bounce that feels more realistic than just flat.

These dolls usually have a genital canal that has folds that are very lifelike and anus and breast sex holes that feel real when your penis goes in them. They can also be heated, which increases the sensations even more.

These dolls are less expensive than a full love doll, and they’re lighter and compact too. This makes them a great choice if you don’t have the money or space to buy a full body doll yet. They’re great for beginners too because they can practice with them before getting a full-size doll. Then when you do get a full-size doll, you’ll already know how to handle it.


Sex dolls are multi-functional toys that enhance many aspects of an owner’s pleasure. There are add-on accessories that are indispensable to a successful love doll experience, from aesthetic ones like nail polishes and press-on fingernails to lubricants and renewal powder.

A cleaning irrigator is a must-have, as it will allow the vaginal tunnels or anal holes to be pumped clean after each use. A heating wand is also beneficial, as it will warm up the skin in minutes. Other important doll accessories include a penis insert for oral sex, which should be carefully powdered with talc before being inserted into the doll.

A sex doll storage box or crate is a great accessory for those who need to travel with their dolls or want to hide their dolls from others living in their household. They are made of strong materials that will prevent a doll from being flattened or scratched when stored. They can even have locks to keep the dolls hidden and away from prying eyes.